Creative Destruction


Creative Destruction is founded on the notion that the more differences of opinion that you have to deal with, the more accurate the information you’re going to be able to get will be.

Individual blogs are important. They are a great place to express opinions, think in writing, and put information in a place that will be easy to access later on.

But there is always a level of insulation, even if comments are open to anyone, because most people who disagree with you just won’t bother to read your blog, much less comment on it.

Creative Destruction wants to create a central point for people who disagree with one another, and are trained in a variety of fields, to deal with each other. Deal openly, without feeling the need to water it down, and deal respectfully, without resorting to personal attacks.

It is my hope that we will come to see many extremes and many levels of moderation.

If you have the stomach, take a look around. I warn you, you will probably find many things that you strongly disagree with. If you can handle that, then you are welcome here. If you want to contribute, then that’s even better: drop me a line at agurri-at-gmu-dot-edu and we’ll talk about it.

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