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February 11, 2007

Rape During the Balkan Conflict


…I didn’t blame the people who made up all that crap about rape rooms in the Kosovo war. They were playing to their audience. The west doesn’t care about men dying so let’s give them women raped. Much more effective.

(I do blame the muslims (KLF) for starting that whole war of course and it’s possible the rape room propaganda idea was actually hatched in an American focus group)

The victim populations unquestionably played the “women and children” card, but the underlying allegation about mass rape wasn’t made up. The most authoritative source on the subject of rape in the Balkan wars, and quite possibly in any conflict, is Annex IX (Summary) of the Bassiouni Report, which documents these crimes meticulously. Claims by the victim populations (and by feminists) about the severity of the atrocities perpetrated against women are not exaggerated – indeed it would be hard to exaggerate them. For example:

There are reports of one more camp in the primary school in Kalinovik. *252 On 2 July 1992, drunk Serb militiamen reportedly broke into the school. One witness reports that they said, «Look at how many children you can have. Now you are going to have our children. You are going to have our little Cetniks.» They reportedly selected 12 women, took them to the Hotel Kalinovik, forced them to clean the hotel, and then raped them. The women were then returned to the school. Reportedly, 95 women were raped in the next 26 days. Pregnant women were spared, and women who became pregnant were reportedly thereafter spared. One witness stated that the first night, the militiamen randomly selected teenagers and raped them in bathrooms next to the gymnasium. After that, they selected women by name. On 29 August, the detainees were exchanged, and at least 15 women terminated their pregnancies in Mostar and Jablanica. *253

That example wasn’t deliberately chosen. All I did was move the scroll bar to a random place within the report and cut&paste the first paragraph I came to. It’s a typical, not an extreme example.

However the simple picture of men raping women isn’t the whole story. There were a small number of female perpetrators, and not just in minor or incidental roles:

The victim selection was reportedly well organized at Luka camp. Several reports suggest that young Serbian woman was responsible for its administration. *115 Reportedly, she brought a nurse to Luka to «prepare the girls and make them calm». According to the nurse’s report, she watched as the Serbian administratrix stabbed a girl in the breast and vagina with a broken bottle for resisting instructions. The girl subsequently bled to death….

The report also includes many, many cases of men being sexually abused and tortured by male and, in a small number of cases, by female perpetrators (italics are my comment.):

…The most graphic of the reported castrations [at the Strolit Camp in Odzak] involved a named Croatian woman. She is reported to have ordered a Great Dane to attack naked detainees and bite off their genitals.


Several reports describe a camp in a shoe factory in Karakaj. There a female guard, a member of Arkan’s troops, ordered men to have sexual intercourse with her. (Good thing she didn’t try to rape them). When they refused, she shot them. *628 One report called the factory the «Glinica» factory, and stated that 48 girls and women were raped there. *629

Another camp was at a theatre in Celopek, where 163 men were housed. One day, three «Cetniks» came to the camp. One called out the names of seven pairs of men. The men were mostly fathers and sons or close relatives. The guard forced seven of the men to kneel down and bite off the penises of the other seven. Three of the men died. *630 The other prisoners were forced to watch. A week or 10 days later, another of the guards cut off a man’s penis with a knife. *631 According to another source, the guard made this man eat his severed penis. *632 The same source reported that this guard beat a prisoner with a wooden stick and shoved the stick into the man’s anus, causing the victim to bleed profusely. He stated that the guard, who was often drunk, forced prisoners to perform sex acts with each other. The prisoners were taken to Batkovic in late June and finally released in February 1993. *633

Finally the report also notes that sometimes men acted to protect women:

There also are many cases where female victims are protected by someone from the same ethnic group as their attackers. Men take women out of the camps to protect them from rape and sexual assault, tell other guards or soldiers that the women are «taken», or help them escape. Women hide other women or bring them contraceptives. There is insufficient information on the sexual assault of men to determine a similar pattern.

My emphasis. These details disappear when you look at mainstream and feminist derivative sources which whitewash anything which doesn’t fit into the ‘men are perps, women are victims’ mould. But for this whitewashing, we would perhaps been less surprised at the pictures of Lynndie England abusing male prisoners in Abu Ghraib, to which some of the above accounts bear a remarkable similarity. On the other hand, had those pictures not emerged, England’s involvement in the abuse would most likely have been similarly whitewashed.

The Kosovo war didn’t break out until after this report had been published, but the patterns of male detention, torture and slaughter were similar, and I’d be surprised if the treatment of women was any different. Antifeminists and Feminist Critics are rightly incensed by typical feminist propaganda, such the claim that “men make war and women are the victims” and “women’s bodies [are] the battlefields on which vendettas and threats are played out.“, which, in the light of the overwhelming burden of torture and murder borne by non-combatant males, is not just victim-blaming, but holocaust-denial.

But that’s no excuse for replying in kind. The best response to falsehood is truth.

(Also posted at Feminist Critics)


  1. Your report is of the Bosnian conflict not the Kosovo war.

    Comment by DavidByron — February 11, 2007 @ 10:35 pm | Reply

  2. Er, yes. That’s why I said “The Kosovo war didn’t break out until after this report had been published”.

    Comment by Daran — February 12, 2007 @ 9:21 am | Reply

  3. So you knew the facts as you presented them were false?

    Comment by DavidByron — February 12, 2007 @ 10:58 am | Reply

  4. You have asserted that the “crap about rape rooms in the Kosovo war” was “made up”. In the absence of a reference to any specific “crap”, that would appear to be a denial of organised rape in wartorn Kosovo altogether, and perhaps a denial of rape as an organised wartime activity generally. This interpretation is consistent with your general stance on gender-issues, which can be summed up as “feminists and women have no legitimate concerns at all”.

    I don’t have to hand any specific information concerning rape in Kosovo. I did, however, have this earlier report bookmarked. The core of this post – that the “men are perps; women are victims” picture of war rape promulgated by feminists and the mainstream media was a whitewash of a more complex reality – has been on my researched-but-not-yet-written-up blogging list for a while now. Your remark merely galvanised me into doing it.

    I would consider it an extraordinary claim, requiring extraordinary evidence, either that the report I cited was fabricated, and the organised rapes documented by it did not take place, or that the same Serbian forces behaved differently toward the Ethnic Albanians of Kosovo from how they did toward the Bosniacs. So far you haven’t posted any evidence at all.

    Comment by Daran — February 12, 2007 @ 2:27 pm | Reply

  5. David, in the quoted passage deserves at least as much scorn for his statement “I do blame the muslims (KLF) for starting that whole war of course”, which also has little merit, albeit, less of a feminist slant.

    If I was a non-Serb, in a majority non-Serb community, who lived in a country ruled by genocidal maniacs who were trying to wipe out non-Serbian populations a few hundred miles away, and rattling sabers in my direction, I’d freak and try to secede too.

    Comment by ohwilleke — February 13, 2007 @ 4:05 pm | Reply

  6. this is terrible what happened to these people . I hope no more things like this happen 2 any one!

    Comment by brittney — March 6, 2007 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

  7. Unfortunately these horrendous crimes happen on a daily basis and nothing is done to prevent it. Nothing was done in Bosnia, nothing is being done in the Congo and nothing is being done in Myanmar where women have been and are being possibly mass raped still today.

    My question is though, why are there spelling errors in the report that you (quote) are copying and pasting? Just wondering. But thanks for pointing it out, people need to know about what happens when evil men are not contained.

    Comment by Dan — August 1, 2007 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

  8. Silence and revenge in the most varied of ways by the victims is the way, I cannot understand as to the Muslim ones why they did not see this as an excellent opportunity to enter the Paradise for which they were prepared to let their males murder Serbs

    Comment by Inez Deborah Emilia Altar — September 2, 2010 @ 8:00 am | Reply

  9. as a female i condem all the barbarisam of serbs forces with the muslims women, serbs can rape their sisters and mothers, being animals in the face of humans serbs made unhuman acts, they have to face it by reveng from muslims. all serbs are unfair to their parants.

    Comment by diana — January 29, 2012 @ 8:43 pm | Reply

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