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December 24, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #43

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Hey, it’s the 24th. Merry Christmas, for those of you who do that sort of thing. (Me, I have my own way of celebrating Xmas – I call it “time and a half day”).

(I’m going to be traveling more or less nonstop for the next five or six days, by the way, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to check in on “Alas” in that time.)

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss anything, including posting links to anything you think is cool (including your own stuff – in fact, posting links to your own stuff is encouraged!).

People In Our Blogging Community Need Help. (“Our” blogging community, in this case, assumes “Alas” rather than “Creative Destruction” is the implied reference point).

If you have even five bucks you can spare, now’s the time to hit the donation buttons on the sidebars at:

Black Amazon’s place. BA is broke because she got ticketed in an empty subway car by the NYC Transit Cops (for those of us without perfect vision, you have to kneel on the seat to be able to read the tiny print on the maps!)

Wampum, which does a huge service to the entire lefty blogosphere by running the annual Koufax Awards, but needs a new hard drive on their server to make it happen.

Shakespeare’s Sister, where a combination of a car accident and long-term unemployment is turning SS’s wallet into an echo chamber.

Brownfemipower is looking for help attending a variety of academic conferences which will be otherwise be Brownfemipower-less, which would be a loss for all parties.

And Bitch|Lab is fundraising for mysterious purposes, including tampons. You can click through on her ads to help her out, or donate on the right sidebar, or get her a lead on some work in Web design, Web development, editing, proofing, graphic design, book design, or database development.

Please, if you can drop just a few bucks into a few of these fine blogs, do so. I’ll do the same.

* * *

Sandy D’s presents: The 29th Carnival Of The Feminists!

Shaenon: Why Everyone Should Hate Anthony
This post, a feminist-informed critique of the character “Anthony” in the comic strip For Better Or For Worse, is the best post I’ve read all week. And, sadly, it convinced me that it’s not just me getting tired of the strip; For Better Or For Worse really has lost a lot of its spark.

Latina Lista: Privatized American Internment Camps Lock Up Whole Families Indefinitely, Without Trial

Obsidian Wings: Carrying Water Has A Huge Impact On Third World Women’s Lives

Think about spending 660 hours a year just collecting water — and often pretty vile water at that. An hour and 48 minutes a day. Think about 40 billion wasted hours, hours that might have been spent working, caring for children, or doing any number of productive or interesting things.

Washington Post: My Life As an Open-Identity Sperm Donor

Youtube: Mary Poppins, The Horror Movie Remix
Brilliant! The best I’ve seen since the remix of The Shining. Curtsy: Boing Boing, The Disney Blog.

YouTube: Dude, I’m Deaf
Far better to be hearing-less than clueless. Curtsy: a fabulous post at Making Light about how some Deaf people are using YouTube as a public forum for Sign speakers.

The Debate Link: Young Black Men, The Cops, And “Existing While Black”

The Gimp Parade: The Best Gimp Parade Posts of 2006!
One of my favorite bloggers (and an occasional “Alas” contributor). The best of Blue is guaranteed good reading – check it out.

The Gimp Parade: Finding The Langauge, Making The Connections
Blue bounces off of Richard’s recent post about male survivors of sexual abuse and adds thoughts of her own.

Feministing: Interview About Immigration and Lesbian And Gay Issues

Box Turtle Bulletin: Another Scientist Objects To Focus On The Family’s Anti-Gay Distortion Of Their Research
Follow the links at the bottom of the post for more info.

Making Light: The News Media Have Sided With The Privileged Elite

Art by Jaime Vives Piqueres

Big Queer Blog: Why Gender-Neutral Pronouns Don’t Work For Me

The Debate Link: Why A “Top 10%” Alternative To Affirmative Action Does Far More Harm Than AA Why Aren’t More Black Women Married?
Clue: It’s not because of the bias of bridal magazines.

The Infamous Brad: Is “It’s Cold Outside” The Date-Rape Christmas Carol?
Brad says “yes”; I think “it can be, but it depends on how the female singer interprets her role” is a more accurate take on it. But I’m just being pedantic. (Thanks, AJ!)

Latina Lista: Why Are Latino Candidates For Office So Often Dismissed As “Unqualified”?

Planet of the Blind: Thoughts Regarding A Guy Wearing A Gorilla Mask At A Bus Stop
And check out Connie’s followup , as well.

Geogreeting: Your name or message spelled out in sattilite photos of buildings. Neat!

Blackprof: China, the Adoption Market, and the Demand For Healthy Non-Black Babies

Thinking Girl: Reflections On Barbie

The National Student Genderblind Campaign
These folks advocate for gender-neutral policies in college housing for bathrooms and dorm rooms. Curtsy: Hugo.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Many Muslims Have Simply Never Heard Of The Holocaust

The Guardian: Interesting Article About “Orthodoxia”

Taken from the Greek “ortho” (meaning “correct” or “true”), this term was first coined by a Californian doctor, Steven Bratman, in 1997, to describe a “fixation on righteous eating”. It refers to people who, while generally not as extreme in their limitations as Hackney, are obsessed with healthy eating, concerned with quality rather than quantity, refining and restricting their diets according to their own personal understanding of which foods are truly pure.

Rabble News: Excellent Article About Working For Iraqi Women’s Rights In Iraq

CM Lee: Latin@ American Citizens Sue INS For Illegal Raids And Harrassment

The agent twisted Perez’s arm behind his back and held him that way for 10 minutes while other agents searched his home and property. The agent then suggested Perez and his family should leave the area for two weeks to avoid any more such incidents.

YouTube: This kitten falling asleep is so cute it’s almost painful.

On The Whole: Incredibly offensive, anti-fat program airs on public radio.

tall_woman.jpgScrew Bronze!: On Being Female And Over Six Feet Tall

Because height is a key part of how our society determines masculinity, tall women are societally often viewed as unfeminine….

Racialicious: Odd Trend Of “Ask A Racial Minority” Columns Being Used To Endorse Misogyny

Feministing: Working Mothers Leave Jobs Because Jobs Aren’t Structured To Combine Parenthood And Work

Cerebus Fans Take Note: New Comic Strips by Dave Sim
These three odd strips, about a Canadian actress I’ve never heard of, are lighter than lightweight, but diehard Sim fanatics will want to take a look. The first two strips are drawn in Sim’s Al-Williamson-esque style; the third is done in Sim’s more lively and slightly cartoony style, which for my taste is far more interesting to look at.

The Silence Of Our Friends: Free Anti-Virus Software
Donna has the current scoop on which free anti-virus software is good. I’m linking it here because I need to get around to installing some of that stuff on my own computer, and putting it on the blog makes it unlikely I’ll lose the link. But hey, maybe it’ll be useful to some “Alas” readers as well. 🙂

Special Junkfood Science Section

There were too many good posts from Junkfood Science for me to pick just one to link to… so here’s a bunch!

Junkfood Science: The Holiday Weight Gain Is Mostly a Myth

Junkfood Science: Some Health Benefits Of Being Fat

Junkfood Science: Being Fat Does Not Increase The Odds Of A Miscarriage

Junkfood Science: On Mass Hysteria

Junkfoodscience: Increasing numbers of the obese in hospitals, or just a change in how frequently data is being recorded?

Nutrition Today: It’s Not Healthy To Cut Fat Out Of Kid’s Diets

One of the principal worldwide goals of public health practice is to provide adequate nutrition for children. In the Third World, this goal is not attained because of the lack of food. In the Western World, this goal is in jeopardy because of unwise recommendations from expert committees that fat in the diets of children be restricted in the vain hope that this measure will prevent coronary artery disease many decades later. (Found via an excellent Junkfood Science post on the subject).


  1. Here’s an interesting link I found:

    Nicolas Stix on the covering up of black-on-white homosexual rape.

    Comment by Glaivester — December 31, 2006 @ 12:42 am | Reply

  2. Another interesting link is Healthy Eating at

    Comment by Terry88 — April 7, 2007 @ 5:41 am | Reply

  3. For once, we have a spam comment that is appropriate for the occasion.

    Therefore, I am leaving it in.

    Carry on, gentlemen. And ladies. And you too, Daran.

    Comment by Off Colfax — April 7, 2007 @ 7:49 am | Reply

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