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December 16, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #42

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Talk about anything you’d like. Also, if you have good links to share — either your own stuff, or someone else’s — don’t selfishly keep ’em to yourselves.

Faux Real presents: Help Us Help Ourselves #1

New Blog: Junkfood Science
A blog by one of my favorite writers about fat acceptance and health issues, Sandy Szwarc.

New to the Blogroll:
One of the sharpest writers about race in the blogosphere.

New to the Blogroll: Masculinity and its Discontents.

* * *

Abstract Nonsense: Six Policies To Reduce The Gender Wage Gap

Balloon Juice: Best Quote Ever From A Right-Winger About Iraq

I really don’t know why anyone would listen to me anyway. My credibility on this issue should hover between snake-oil and used-car salesmen- as recently as a year ago I was flaying Murtha.

Positive Liberty: Debunking Right-Wing Myths About The History Of The Separation Of Church & State

Sex And Race: A Guide To The Art Of Defending Racism

Racialicious: Regarding “Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs”
Very interesting analysis of a racist Warner Brothers animation from 1943 (a video of the animation is embedded in the post).

Thus Spake Zuska: Republican Senator Claims Global Warming Is A UN Plot.
He also claimed that working against global warming is Idolatry. Is there any chance Senator Inhofe’s flight from reality will hurt him with right-wing voters?

Trash Talks Back: 13 Tips For Non-Fat People When Dealing With Fat People


Rape Trial – The Reality TV Series! With A Jury Of Celebs!
Whenever you think reality TV has bottomed out, it surprises you. (Curtsy: Bean.)

The Debate Link: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: Does AA Lead To An Increase In Racism?

The Debate Link: An Anti-Heteronormative Reading of Leviticus 18:22
By the way, The Debate Link has been nominated for an award, and is seeking votes – you can vote for The Debate Link (or the other nominees) here. And Mozil Tov to David on the nomination, regardless of how the vote goes.

Contexts Magazine: Married People Have Less Commitment To Friends, Family and Community
On average, that is. Of course, all married “Alas” readers are outliers.

Living On Less: Consumerism Is Not A Sin

If the feminist movement can make it acceptable to be hairy, why doesn’t the anti-capitalist movement take a page from their book and work to make it acceptable to be poor? We’re poor already — the median income in the US is $23,000 a year — we just aren’t allowed to walk around looking like we’re poor without being made to feel ashamed. The feminist message that you are acceptable just the way you are is fundamentally a compassionate message. It’s not that you can’t doll yourself up if you enjoy doing so — though there are some who take that stance — what’s important is for you to have a choice: being dolled up is not an imperative, and it isn’t shameful to just go out in public looking like yourself. Movements like Voluntary Simplicity, which Levine discusses, are very much centered on the individual, not on society’s responsibility to address inequality nor to help make the outward appearance of poverty socially accepted.

Echidne: How Homophobia and Sexism Are Linked

Obsidian Wings: Must-Read Post About The Tampon Shortage Crisis In Zimbabwe

Box Turtle Bulletin: Family Research Council Cites Ludicrously Bad Research To Smear Gay Men

Official The Female Gamer Archetypes

Matt Yglesias: The Green Lantern Theory Of Geopolitics
Willpower alone won’t make impossible wars winnable.

New York Times: Good Article About Transgendered Girls And Boys, And Their Parents

Obsidian Wings: Right-Wing Econ 101: Consumers Registering Preferences Through Their Purchasing Choices Is A Good Thing, Unless They Do It In Support Of Decent Labor Conditions.

Fetal Elephant - soooo cute!

Damned Interesting: Study Shows, Most People Think They’re Above Average
And furthermore, in many cases, the problem is that they’re too incompetent to be able to recognize their own incompetence.

Lorielle on WordPress: The Growing Problem of RSS Feed Fatigue
The problem with my RSS reader is that if I miss a day or a week of blogreading, the posts I miss don’t disappear. They just build up.

Abstract Nonsense: Iranian Elections 101

The upcoming general election in Iran is a good opportunity to explain how Iranian politics works. In principle, there’s an elected President, right now Ahmadinejad. In practice, the President is a pretty face, whose job is to represent Iran internationally and exercise minor influence on policy. The American equivalent would be electing a pundit to make statements about world affairs and pretend to lead, while reserving real power to an unelected President.

Reappropriate: Spike Lee To Direct Film About 1992 LA Riots
Jenn wonders if the film will present a balanced portrait of Koreans, rather than ignoring or demonizing them.

Ezra Klein: Study Shows Car Drivers Drive Closer To Helmet-Wearing Bicyclists
Just goes to show, there’s a down side to everything.

NY Times: The $100 $150 Laptop
Remember the much-discussed $100 laptop, to be mass-manufactured and sold to third world governments, to be given away to third world schoolchildren? It’s now $150, but plans are going forward. I think this is a good idea, although obviously it’s not a solution to anything by itself. There is some interesting reader comments and debate on the Times site, as well.

Even The Devils Believe: Christians Have Gotten So Used To Owning The Public Sphere, We’ve Forgotten Our Calling

Even The Devils Believe: Could Judge Roy Moore Swear To Uphold The US Constitution?

Equality Loudoun: Yet More Christians Lying About What Social Science Says About Gay Parenting

Obsidian Wings: Glenn Reynalds Thinks That Southerners Didn’t Hold Much Of A Grudge After The Civil War.
See also this post at Sadly, No! For someone who’s pretty smart, Reynalds is an idiot.

Weblog Tools Collection: Bloggers, please. Stop using Captchas.
They don’t work well, they’re often bad for accessibility, and they’re a big pain in the neck. Other than that, they’re swell.

Racialicious: More On Gwen Stefani and Racism
A topic I know is near and dear to some “Alas” readers’ itty bitty hearts.

East Village Idiot: Questions I Want to Ask Potential New Roommates, Based on Experiences with the Roommate They Will Be Replacing

NY Times: Review of the new production of Sondheim’s “Company”
Another the-cast-is-the-orchestra Sondheim production, from the same director as the recent “Sweeny” revival. The review makes the new “Company” sound excellent; the gimmick is put to good use to emphasize Bobby’s isolation (Bobby is the one character who doesn’t play an instrument). I hope the production is still playing this summer, when I’ll be in NYC.


  1. We’re having a small debate about Robert here and here. I hope he can drop by and settle it.

    Comment by grh — December 17, 2006 @ 12:20 am | Reply

  2. Off Colfax’s Other Blog: Fun With Cats And Christmas Trees
    Imagine the havoc. Then multiply it by three cats.

    Yeah. You get the idea.

    Comment by Off Colfax — December 18, 2006 @ 7:45 am | Reply

  3. Hmmmm… That was odd. Had to go in and recover my comment from the Akismet screen. Never had that one happen to me before.

    Time to be thankful for my newly-granted and long-absent moderation powers, I suppose.

    Comment by Off Colfax — December 18, 2006 @ 7:50 am | Reply

  4. In that case I two will promote my own blog by linking to an excellend discussion thread started by Q Grrl from Alas.

    Also a thread on Commenting in the Blogosphere which raises free-speech issues.

    Comment by Daran — December 18, 2006 @ 9:04 am | Reply

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