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November 13, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #39

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Y’all remember how this goes…


Growing Up With A Disability presents: The Third Disability Blog Carnival!

A Blog Without A Bike presents: The 26th Carnival of Feminists!


Tiny Cat Pants
So many great posts here. See, for example, this brilliant post on objections to dieting and women’s suffering.

Newspaper Rock
This blog is focused on racism and pop culture from a Native American perspective. Although it’s not exactly a blog entry, check out the author’s brilliant essay/collection of quotes arguing that racism is systematic, not abberant.

Race, racism, and pop culture. This has quickly become a must-read blog for me.

* * *

Wampum: Sixteen Things The Democrats Won’t Try To Fix

Obsidian Wings: What Democrats Can Realistically Do

Votes For Women, from a post on "Feminist Law Professors"
Fetch Me My Axe: Anger, Feminism, “The Secretaries”
This post, much of which consists of quotes from the play “The Secretaries,” is the most interesting post I’ve read all week. Check it out, please.

The F-Word: Women In Afghanistan Are As Bad Off Now As Under The Taliban

Faux Real: Class And Feminism

I firmly believe that Jill’s tongue-in-cheek ownership of the phrase “fun feminist” — a term which should be banished to the high hills along with Hirshman’s “lumpenproletariat woman” — was received so bitterly because of people’s perception of her class status and embrace of femininity. Welcome to the feminist blogosphere, where no one is allowed to process out loud without having taken a firm stand.

On The Whole: How campaigns to “prevent obesity” hurt those they purport to help

The Gimp Parade: The Disability Hierarchy

The misleading idea that ability and disability make up a binary situation leads to questions of whether or not an individual is truly impaired or disabled. At what point is one legitimately disabled? How can you tell who’s a fake? What if your condition is intermittent or varies daily? How much of a developmentally-impaired individual’s behavior is abnormal and how much is just not accepted by a narrow-minded public? Are you still disabled if your bipolarism is controlled by medication? If your prosthetic limb works so well no one would know that it’s underneath your pant leg, do you qualify or not?

Cognitive Daily: Chocolate Doesn’t Make Children Hyper

The Countess reports another election victory: An MRA-sponsored “mandatory shared parenting” ballot measure lost. Be sure to read The Countess’ op-ed explaining why these laws are bad for children and bad for society.

Reappropriate: Historic images of anti-Asian racism

The Angry Black Woman: The Price Of White Guilt
Hee hee.

Stephanie Coontz: We Shouldn’t Depends On Marriage For All Our Emotional And Social Needs

Kenji Yoshino Audio Lecture: “Covering” and Authenticity As A Civil Rights Issue
Professor Yoshino argues that the cutting-edge expression of bigotry is the pressure on minorities to “cover” whatever identifies them as not part of the majority culture. Really interesting stuff. Curtsy:

Punk Ass Blog: “Nothing pisses off privileged folks like a poor person spending money on something that makes her happy.”

Brownfemipower: Israeli Army Attacks Group Of Unarmed Palestinian Women

Christopher Hayes: Right-Wing Bias In Teaching Econ 101 (pdf link)

Conservatives have long critiqued academia for the ways professors use their position to indoctrinate students with left-wing ideology, but the left has largely ignored the political impact of the way people learn economics, though its influence is likely far more profound. […] “A little economics can be a dangerous thing,” a friend working on her Ph.D in public policy at the U. of C. told me. “An intro econ course is necessarily going to be superficial. You deal with highly stylized models that are robbed of context, that take place in a world unmediated by norms and institutions. Much of the most interesting work in economics right now calls into question the Econ 101 assumptions of rationality, individualism, maximizing behavior, etc. But, of course, if you don’t go any further than Econ 101, you won’t know that the textbook models are not the way the world really works, and that there are tons of empirical studies out there that demonstrate this.”

(Curtsy: Ezra Klein).

Colours of Resistance: 25 ways to tokenize or alienate a non-white person around you.
Curtsy: Racialicious.

A Womb Of Her Own: Blackbeard Brand Rugged Tampons
I’d buy ’em for the box alone.

Brownfemipower: White Women Speaking Out On Racism And WOC Issues

…There is a difference between speaking out as an ally and speaking “with authority” on a subject. White women will never ever know what it is like to be a woman of color. Period. But white women can and absolutly DO speak out as allies to women of color. Just peek over at some of the links on my link page, and you’ll find a whole bunch of white women speaking on all sorts of issues that are relevent and very important to women of color. But the thing is, they are not trying to speak as a woman of color or “for” women of color, they are calling white people on their shit.

My Private Casbah: Thirteen Fun Things To Do When You Have Incurable Cancer!
Curtsy: The Gimp Parade

The New Republic: Why Black Republicans Keep Losing
According to this article, the truth is that the Democrats do deliver policies that benefit Black voters, and Black voters respond to this. Just putting a Black Republican on the ticket doesn’t fool Black voters, in other words.

The Republic of T: It’s Not Nice To Fool Black Voters
More links and discussion about why the GOP keeps on losing the Black vote.

Tiny Cat Pants: Questions About Feminism and BDSM

Why are feminists so uncomfortable with talking abut non-vanilla sex practices? When we do talk about such sex practices, why do we so quickly devolve into fights about what’s acceptable and what’s not? But if we’re interested in power structures and how power dynamics work, why are we not more open to folks who think a lot about how power dynamics work?

Fatshionista: Why Having Naked Pictures Taken Of My Fat Body Didn’t Kill Me

Alternet: Gender, Globalization and Beer
Curtsy: A Womb Of Her Own

A Womb Of Her Own: Telling Boys To Pee Sitting Down Is “Meddling With God’s Work”
The hysteria over fragile masculinity subtext in this story from Norway is so blatant, I’m not even sure it can reasonably be referred to as “subtext.” (Supertext? Ultratext? Textytext?)

Cover of Ordinary Victories, by Manu LarcenetOrdinary Victories, by Manu Larcenet.
I just read this comic book, and it’s wonderful; unusually thoughtful yet not heavyhanded. There’s a review with some sample art here.

Racialicious: The T-Shirt Is Racist Enough, But The Ad Copy…!

Boing Boing: David Copperfield Fooled Muggers Into Thinking He Had No Wallet To Steal
What are the odds?

Glenn Greenwald: Beltway pundits are ignorant and wrong about everything

The Blog Of Lot’s Daughter.

The Republic of T: Split Me, Baby, One More Time

Britney has been legally married twice — once for 55 hours and once for just over two years — and apparently without much more forethought than one might give to choosing choosing a flavor of bubble gun. I have been all-but-legally married for over 6 years, which required a lot of forethought about how to protect our relationship.

Yet, in both of Spears’ marriages she’s enjoyed benefits and protections that my husband and I are do not, even though the depth of our commitment to one another and our family is no less than Spears’ commitment to hers. And though her first husband didn’t sign a pre-nup, while her second husband probably did, they both had rights and protections in the midst of divorce that same-sex couples do not, including custody and visitation rights. And it goes without saying that their children get all the benefits and protections of having parents who can legally marry. Ours do not.

Someone, please, tell me — explain it to me like I’m four years old (or like I’m Britney Spears) — where is the justice in all of the above?

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  1. About that 25 ways to tokenize and alienate a non-white person around you:
    26. Suggest that some non-white persons apparently get “tokenized” and/or “alienated” by a white person fucking existing in their presence.

    (The price of white guilt was hilarious, btw.)

    Comment by Tuomas — November 13, 2006 @ 8:38 am | Reply

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