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November 3, 2006

More Endorsements: Who I’m Voting For This Election

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Note that this is just a list of who I’m voting for; there are, of course, many elections in Oregon this year that my district isn’t voting in.

For Congress, I’m voting for Earl Blumenauer (D). Earl is decent on policy issues, and he wears bow ties, always a plus. Anyhow, both of his opponents are too right-wing for me to even think of voting for them.

For Governor, I’m (choke!) voting for Ted Kulongoski (D). To quote the leader of Oregon Right To Life:

“We try to deal in reality, and the reality is that either a Democrat or a Republican is going to win the governor’s race,” Atteberry said. “And there’s a very obvious contrast between the two — Ron Saxton will sign pro-life legislation, and Ted Kulongoski will veto it.”

I feel bad about this vote, because I think that Kulongoski would have to climb to reach “mediocre”; he’s a do-nothing governor who hasn’t been there to fight for progressive policies or even for his party. I’d get much more pleasure out of voting for Joe Keating of the Green Party. Oh well.

For State Senator, 24th District, I’m voting for Rod Monroe. It’s frankly a coin flip for me between Monroe and Ron McCarty. As for the Republican, T.J. Reilly – anyone else get the impression that he’s running for the legislature as a way of advertising his car repair business? Every flier (he sends more than any other candidate) talks about how great his car repair shop is.

When T.J. isn’t hawking his business, he’s doing negative campaigning; every single flier he’s sent has included attacks on his opponents. Today’s pro-Reilly flier in my mailbox – sent late enough to give Monroe no shot at responding before election day – features a creepy black-and-white photo of a cigar-smoking mobster type combined with vague allegations that Monroe has participated in “back room deals.” Plus, another flier brought up the fear of gay marriage in an attempt to drum out the gay-hating vote. Fie on him, fie on his stupid car repair shop.

N.W. (Bill) Stallings and his Forehead of DoomState Representative, 48th District: Mike Schaufler (D). If the election were based on foreheads alone, I’d vote for N.W. (Bill) Stallings of the Constitution Party (pictured), because N.W. (Bill) has one of the most magnificent foreheads I’ve ever seen: broad, high, a veritable wall of mighty foreheadom. (Herman Munster had a bigger forehead, but it was fake.)

But I vote based on policy, not foreheads, and Stallings is “100% pro-life,” so forget him. Schaufler is too law-and-order for my taste, but he’s for regulating payday loans and he’s solidly pro-union, and it’s not like there’s a third choice. Plus, he has a pretty big forehead himself.

Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 6: Virginia Linder. Linder is a judge with decades of experience; Roberts is a career politician with very little judging experience. Kinda a no-brainer. Plus – given Roberts’ Republican party activist background – I simply don’t trust him not to use the bench to push Republican party positions.

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 8: Write-in for Pogo. I hate one-candidate elections.

Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th district, position 28: Mark Kramer. I’ll quote from the email my friend (and occasional “Alas” comment writer) Varro sent me:

Let me recommend Mark Kramer for that judicial position. I know him personally and professionally.

Mr. Kramer has 25 years of experience and has represented clients in both criminal law and family law, both in his practice and as a public defender and for St. Andrew Legal Clinic.

I believe that Mark’s lifelong advocacy for justice, his experience seeing things from diverse points of view, and his strong intellect will lead him to be an extremely fair and fiercely independent judge.

We have a wonderful opportunity to put a strong, smart, progressive lawyer on the bench, and we must not squander that opportunity.

Plus, he’s done work for domestic violence victims and advocated for low-income Oregonians. What’s not to like?

Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th District, Position 31: Cheryl Albrecht. Albrecht has been active in educating judges about the crime of stalking, which make sit seem likely that she has feminist sympathies. She’s as qualified as her opponent, Kathleen Payne, and comes with as long as list of endorsements; so for me that bit of feminist cred is enough to make me vote for her.

Almost done! Just one more post to go, this time on local ballot measures.

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