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September 8, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #37

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I’ve been listening a lot to the cast album of Urinetown lately, and it’s grown on me. The musical has a sly way of pretending not to understand the stupidity of its cliches, even while it earnestly makes them two steps stupider, which I just find hilarious.

Anyhow, that’s what’s on my mind right now. Please use this thread to post whatever’s on your mind, including links to your own stuff, or to someone else’s, if you’d like.

Redemption Blues presents: Carnival of the Feminists #22!

Blackfolk: Study Shows That Darker-Skinned Blacks Face Increased Discrimination
Which makes hash of the right-wing theory that deficiencies in black culture explain the race wage gap, and discrimination based on skin color has nothing to do with it.

Mothers Movement Online: Response to “Don’t Marry A Career Woman” and “Working Wives Are Unhappy” Arguments

BrownFemiPower: Being Trans, Being Poor

…So the two of us started comparing notes and really getting into the nitty gritty of what it is like to survive and negotiate the welfare and health care industrial complexes as a poor woman of color and a white trans man.

Majikthise: As ARMs Adjust Upward, More Americans Will Lose Their Homes

Many of the option ARMs taken out in 2004 and 2005 are resetting at much higher payment schedules — often to the astonishment of people who thought the low installments were fixed for at least five years. And because home prices have leveled off, borrowers can’t count on rising equity to bail them out. What’s more, steep penalties prevent them from refinancing.

Did I Miss Something: Illness Versus Impairment

Feminist Law Professors: Driving While Female

…Researchers found that sexual misconduct was the most common type of police abuse of citizens, more prevalent than thefts or beatings. That statistic was buried in the records and had to be teased out. In some cases, they found, police demands for sex had been labeled as a form of bribery.

Feministing: In Pakistan, Islamic Fundamentalist Legislators Threaten To Resign If Rape Law Is Reformed
The phrase “good riddance” is such an understatement.

Majikthise: Artist Improves Paris Hilton CDs Before Customers Buy Them
As Lindsay points out, it’s a victimless crime. Even the folks who thought they were buying a Paris Hilton CD, instead got something they can sell for many times what they paid.

Obsidian Wings: Labor Day Post (With Lots Of Graphs!)
UPDATE: Originally, this post contained a state-by-state map allegedly showing rises and falls in median income. I’ve been persuaded by Jane Galt that the map is unreliable, and so I’ve removed it from this post. Thanks to Nobody.Really, who linked to Jane’s post in comments.

Rudd Sound Bites: Peanut Allergies Are Doubling, And No One Knows Why

Shakespeare’s Sister: Critique of Article About “Involuntary Virginity” Among Women

In a rare glimpses of non-hyperbolic reason in the article, a study by two Georgia State University associate professors of sociology is cited, which found that “a big part of sexual development comes from dating as a teenager and that involuntary virginity is a combination of shyness, body-image issues and getting a late start”—a conclusion, by the by, which was drawn after interviews with “34 male and female involuntary virgins.”

Feminist Law Professors: In Most States, It’s Legal For Employers To Discriminate Against Job Candidates For Being Married Or Having Children
I’m sure the so-called “marriage movement” will get right on the case. Suuuuure they will.

Persephone’s Box: What Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Freud, Mill, Rand, And Hitler Have In Common

Reappropriate: Why People Of Color Hate The “What Are You” Question

Mombian: Book Review of Single By Chance, Mothers By Choice
The American family has changed and is changing; we have a choice of either adapting to a changing reality, or fruitlessly trying to mau-mau everyone back into the 1950s. This book, which sounds excellent, is definitely taking the former approach.

Big Queer Blog: Reading This Plot Summary Of An Off-Broadway Play Just Cracked Me Up

Last night I had the fortune to see “Laura’s Bush,” an Off-Off Broadway play that could not be more timely. In the midst of articles and discussions in that exciting intersection of sexuality and politics, this satyricial lesbian farce follows the story of a repressed librarian (played by Hilda Guttormsen) who discovers that Laura Bush (played by Laura Lebleu) has been blinking “Help me” in Morse code, and therefore embarks on a mission to rescue Mrs. Bush.

Feministing: New Study Shows That Elective C-Sections Have Higher Rate Of Infant Death Than Vaginal Childbirth
Maybe this news will finally break American doctors’ addiction to needless Caesarean births.

Workplace Prof Blog: Wanna Reduce The Gender Pay Gap? Get More Women In Upper Management

American women earn substantially more money and narrow the long-standing gender gap in income if other women in their workplaces reach the ranks of senior management, according to a new national study presented here. By contrast, the study found, increasing the number of women managers in junior positions makes no difference to the gender gap — women on average continue to earn about 20 percent less than men.

BeaucoupKevin(dot)com: If Stan Lee Had Written Watchmen
Not everyone is geeky enough to appreciate how brilliant this parody is. But I am.

Katie Couric, before and after the retouchers got to her.New Moon: Katie Couric Loses 20 Pounds in 20 Seconds!
The CBS publicity department did some photo-retouching. Because the fact that women who aren’t model-thin exist is a deep dark secret that must never be given away.

Majikthise: The Case Against Nutpicking

Lately, the established media have acquired the nasty habit of nutpicking. I’m sorry to say it’s a vice they probably picked up from us bloggers. Nutpicking is when critics attempt to discredit a blogger by selectively citing the most extreme or offensive comments on that blogger’s site.

YouTube: 1970s Batgirl Was So Cool
Curtsy: Feministing.

The Angry Black Woman has a new URL. Update those blogrolls!

UK Metro: The Growing Squirrel Menace
The Metro is the only paper that’s covering this story (note the list of links to other squirrel menace stories, at the bottom of this story). But why do the squirrels hate us so?

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  1. Regarding Obsidian Wings: Labor Day Post (With Lots Of Graphs!)

    First, there is debate about the merits of the Detroit Free Press map purporting to show the extent of the decline in median household income in each state. See

    Second, the study comparing the degree of income mobility in various developed nations requires context. Imagine that two poor Dutch families start with identical earnings. One stayed in Holland; the other moved to the US for three generations, and then returned. They each saw their income improve according to the average rate of income improvement in their respective countries. After three generations, which family would have the higher income?

    The study doesn’t actually provide enough information to answer that question.

    1. The study focuses on change in income across generations, not whether that change is up or down. Thus, if all nations had an equal propensity to see the children of the poor grow rich, but the US had a lower propensity to see the children of the rich grow poor, then the US would be deemed to have “lower mobility.” Would that be such a bad thing?

    2. Do we value seeing the standard of living of poor families improve to the greatest extent, or do we value improvement as a percentage of average earnings? I understand the study to measure the latter, not the former. In other words, even if the standard of living of American poor families were improving faster than the standard of living of any other nation’s poor families, the US might seem to have “low mobility” because the standard of living of its rich families was growing even faster.

    Note also that the study focuses on deviations from AVERAGE income, not from MEDIAN income, meaning that the results may be influenced by changes in both extreme wealth and extreme poverty. The extreme wealth of the US skews results that reflect average income.

    None of this demonstrates that US poor families ARE better off than European ones; I merely note that the study doesn’t demonstrate the converse.

    Comment by nobody.really — September 8, 2006 @ 1:23 pm | Reply

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