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September 4, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #36

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As usual, readers are encouraged to post links to their own stuff, or even links to other folks’ stuff, or whatever the heck else you’re thinking.

Abyss2Hope presents: The Sixth Carnival Against Sexual Violence

The 2006 Black Weblog Awards – Winners Announced!
Moziltov to Blac(k)ademic for her much-deserved win in the “Best Topical Blog” category!

Language Log’s Critique Of Leonard Sax’s Why Gender Matters
Excellent series of critiques contrasting the studies Sax cites to support his arguments, to what those studies actually say. 1) David Brooks, Cognitive Neuroscientist. 2) Are Men Emotional Children? 3) Neuroscience In The Service Of Sexual Stereotypes (critique of Louann Brizendine’s book The Female Brain), 4) Of Rats And (Wo)Men, 5) Leonard Sax On Hearing, and 6) More On Rats And Men And Women. (Curtsy: Echidne).

My Amusement Park: British Government Discriminates Against Fat Women Who Need Fertility Treatment

The News Blog: If Bob Herbert Wrote About Whites The Way He Writes About Blacks

Bitch|Lab: The USA Is Not Family-Friendly
Impressive collection of statistics comparing policies in the USA to policies in most of the rest of the world.

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: On Fat Girls, Obesity Studies, and Terrible Reporting So are you a Black Gay or a Gay Black?

I refuse to participate in your Oppression Olympics. While homophobia and racism are not the same, it is at their intersection where I am forced to live. I am a Black Gay and a Gay Black. The blood of my peoples was shed at both Selma and Stonewall.

Hit and Run: Why Higher-Nicotine Cigarettes May Be Healthier

Big Fat Blog: Diet Industry Attempts To Co-opt Fat Acceptance Language

Ultimately, the goal of fat acceptance can’t be to lose weight. That’s “fat acceptance lite”, which the diet industry would love to push now: a twisted, co-opted version of fat acceptance that still promotes weight loss in the context of “loving one’s body”, even though weight loss tends to be harmful. The truth of the matter is that if you accept yourself, you’ve already won. If you don’t buy in to the diet industry, you’ve already won.

Angry Black Woman: Stop Touching My Hair, White People!

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: New Zealand Judge Goes Easy On Rapist Because “Complainant Was Clearly Flirtatious”
If you’re a feminist, and you want to know which one post to read that’ll make you feel very pissed off – I think this is the one.

Credit Slips: Bankrupcy Judge Keeps Executive Bonuses Secret To Avoid Morale Problem

Bitch|Lab: Comment on the “Porn Does Not Reduce Rape” Thread At “Alas”

Ginmar: Over and Over

It looks innocent, accidental except he does it again and again, and again. All your life you’ve been told it doesn’t mean anything, it was an accident, just let it go, why do you let it bother you?, why don’t you just move away?, while your instincts tell you something entirely different. He did that deliberately. He just copped a feel. That’s not enough, though; he wants to get away with it. Not only that, if you speak up, you’ll look bad. You’re the woman who made a fuss.

Language Log: A Medalist In The Bad Ad Placement Olympics

Lawyers Guns And Money: Sex Discrimination At The Supreme Court
You may be surprised to find out that Thomas has a good record of hiring female clerks. Scalia, on the other hand…

New York Times: Conservatives Fight To Keep The Fair Voting Principles of “Bush v Gore” From Being Applied To Any Other Cases On The Recent Study Finding That Kids Learn Best From Same-Sex Teachers

My Amusement Park: Isn’t It Good If Teens Are Avoiding Unsafe Sex In Favor Of Oral Sex?
Plus, it seems that girls are receiving as often as they’re giving, which is certainly an improvement over years past.

Faux Real: On Watching “Paris Is Burning” In Indiana

New To The Blogroll: C.N.Le
Well-written and -researched blog by a sociology professor, mostly focusing on race and class issues.

Chatham House: Iran, Its Neighbours, And The Regional Crises (.pdf file)
I know that linking to a fifty page report by a British think tank may seem like a bit much, but it’s actually very interesting material, and reads quite well. This is, as the title says, a background report on Iran and Iran’s place in the region and in the Iraq war. Maybe there won’t be anything new there for foreign policy wonks, but for me it was enlightening. Read this and despair at what a lousy job American news organizations (and blogs) are doing at providing a background understanding. Curtsy: The Washington Note.

Blackfolks: Photographs of Some African Women
One or two of these photos may not be “worksafe,” although they’re not at all salacious.

Law and Letters: Male Bloggers In Stiletto Drag

David Lat and Libertarian Man of Mystery do no favors to women (and especially women bloggers) when they pose as women or caricature “female triviality” to suit their own ends. Even as they continue this “cheeky” style of writing with their genders and identities open, it never fails to be a nudge nudge wink wink at how salacious and saucy writing can be if done in the “female voice.” Livish-blogging “Out Of Control: AIDS In Black America

Riba Rambles: Hebrew Hammer 2: The Hebrew Hammer Versus Mel Gibson
Oh, and versus Hitler, too.

White Man Arrested For Stealing Own Car; Cops Sell Car At Auction
Just kidding – of course he wasn’t white. Curtsy: Angry Black Woman .

Electoral Math: Regarding The False Charge That Progressive Blacks Ignore African Issues

Theology and Geometry: Regarding The False Charge That Feminists Ignore Women Under Islamic Fundimentalism

Theology & Geometry: Man Puns Save Men From Turning Into Women!
Good post on the emergence of “man” puns: Manbag, Manties, Manwash, and so on.

Campus America’s Next Top Model Is A Union-Busting Show
If you watch this show, maybe you should email the advertisers expressing your dismay.

Roger L. Simon: Homophobia At The National Review? What a shock!

Positive Liberty: Weird Optical Trick For Nearsighted People
If you make a tiny, tiny hole to look through, things through the hole are suddenly in focus. I tried this and it works for me, and I have no idea why.

Pharyngula: Gorgeous, psychedelic photo of a cephalopod

Cocktail Party Physics: Upcoming Book Announcement – Physics of the Buffyverse
Curtsy: Pharyngula.

The Economist’s View: No, Worker Insecurity Is Not A Myth

Brad Delong: Overview Of The Internet Debate Over The Causes Of Increasing Income Inequality
I think I agree with this comment from Graydon:

The kicker is what kinds of corporate organization are permitted, not tax policy. The relentless push for de-regulation and for restructuring law related to markets has converted a machine intended to secure the general prosperity into a machine to concentrate wealth. (This started around 1970, with the creation of the formal obligation for a corporation to maximize monetary returns to the exclusion of all other considerations.)

Organizational patterns and structures matter. Tax policy is not even vaguely important compared to, frex, what banks are allowed to do, and that is often both governmental and policy set by non-legislative means.

Lawyers Guns and Money: My Sock Puppet Says I’m Witty, Brilliant and Handsome
Recently fired New Republic writer Lee Siegel’s self-love via sock-puppet is, frankly, spectacular.

The Countess: The Stupidity Awards and The Bulwar-Lytton Awards
God, I love the Bulwar-Lytton Awards.

Best. Headline. Ever.: “ICE arrests 15 aliens in Roswell working for U.S. military contractor”
Via Riba and Daran.


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