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August 21, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #34

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Bibble babble bof blick and boing, I tells ya!

Mamita Mala presents The Radical Women Of Color Carnival!
(Okay, so I’m kinda late with that link – better late than never!)

Being Amber Rhea presents The Carnival of Feminists!

A Womb Of Her Own: Globalization And Women’s Bodies

Liz Conor: These 2 words were as many as I was able to write without being interrupted by my children
Another one I want to remember when it comes time to nominate “best post” Coufax awards. Liz describes – and demonstrates – the extreme difficultly that even a parent in the best imaginable situation has trying to combine child-rearing with work.

Salon: How The Republicans Are Trying To Keep Blacks And Latinos From Voting In 2006
Curtsy: Majikthise.

Latina Lista: Undocumented Immigrant Seeks Refuge In Church Building

…It’s only the threat of public backlash that keeps immigration officers from storming the church to arrest her.

The Debate Link: Why “Beyond Marriage” Is Not About Abolishing Marriage

Molly Saves The Day: Feminists Need To Oppose Anti-Mommy Bigotry Within Our Community

Molly Saves The Day: On “I’m Just Trying To Be Nice” Fat-Shaming

Businessweek: Eugenics By Default

My transgression? I am one of the dwindling number of women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome and choose not to terminate our pregnancies.

Reappropriate: Not All Accents Are Created Equal

Punk Ass Blog: Good Quote About Being A Liberal Football Fan

Like eating meat, using cell phones, shopping at Target, or watching TV, I applaud those who abstain but can’t count myself among them.

Bitch | Lab: KH on Freedom and Coercion

The Hidden Architecture of Capitalism

Third World… property systems exclude the assets and transactions of 80% of the population, cutting off the poor from the global capitalist economy as markedly as apartheid once separated black and white South Africans.

Angry Black Woman: White Liberals Should Stop Being So Defensive
Yes, the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie was racist. No, that doesn’t mean that you’re racist if you saw it and enjoyed it. Stop. Breathe.

The Gimp Parade: The Mysteries of my Panties and Their Appropriate Placement

Pew / Internet: Poll Shows That Most Bloggers Write About Personal Experiences For Small Audiences

C.N. Le: Black Students Are Being Steered Into Community Colleges
Curtsy: Mixed Media Watch

Raising WEG: On Reading Charlotte’s Web To Kids
I love Charlotte’s Web – but I also recommend scrolling down far enough to read Sarah V’s feminist critique, in the comments.

Moderately Insane: About 3,500 boob jobs are performed on girls under 18, each year.

Punk Ass Blog: Exploring Assumptions In Feminist Debates About Prostitution
Although I suppose this is damning with faint praise, I thought that this post and the subsequent discussion were much better than other threads I’ve seen on this subject lately. I’m not claiming all is perfect, but for a change I was interested in much of the discussion rather than tearing my hair out with frustration at people on both sides.

Dispatches From The Culture War: Listing Some Brave Female, Muslilm Critics of Fundamentalist Islam

Chronicle of Higher Education: Mob Rule In Academia
Interesting article about the human tendency to “mob” – which also shows up in blogging from time to time, I think. Regarding the partisan question, sometimes I think that certain lefty professors sit around plotting ways to be an embarrassment to lefties everywhere, but I guess it only seems that way. Women, Feminism, and the Veil

Riverbend: Summer of Goodbyes in Iraq

There are no laws that say we have to wear a hijab (yet), but there are the men in head-to-toe black and the turbans, the extremists and fanatics who were liberated by the occupation, and at some point, you tire of the defiance. You no longer want to be seen. I feel like the black or white scarf I fling haphazardly on my head as I walk out the door makes me invisible to a certain degree- it’s easier to blend in with the masses shrouded in black. If you’re a female, you don’t want the attention- you don’t want it from Iraqi police, you don’t want it from the black-clad militia man, you don’t want it from the American soldier.

NTs Are Weird: You Can be an Autistic or a Professional, Not Both!
Curtsy: Ballastexistenz.

Feminist Law Profs: Judge Puts Off Football Players’ Jail Sentence So They Can Play Football
Well, thank goodness being punished for severely injuring two other boys (brain damage, broken bones, etc) is being timed so it won’t inconvenience them. I’m sure that female sports players, or for that matter chess players or debate team members of either sex, would have been given exactly the same consideration.

Findlaw: A Case Against Parental Consent Laws For Minors Seeking Abortion Discrimination Against Women of Color At Law Firms

For example, 44 percent of women lawyers of color working in a large law firm reported that they had been passed over for desirable assignments, compared to 39 percent of white women, 25 percent of men of color and only 2 percent of white men.

Language Log: Gay Marriage And Counting The Planets
Curtsy: Mombian.

Qwest Magazine: Multiple Minorities (on being disabled and /em>….)

“What’s interesting is that if you’re a member of more than one minority, you may feel like the two communities are fighting over where your real home is,” Yang Costello says. “If you’re, say, Latina and have a disability, you may find your disability community expecting you to think of yourself as disabled first and your Latina community expecting you to think of yourself as Hispanic first and that other things are supposed to come second.” [Curtsy: The Gimp Parade]

Lawyers, Guns and Money: “Manliness” Author Responds, Feebly, to Martha Nussbaum

Pandagon: The Most Ridiculous Definition of “Fat” Ever
Another thing that bugged me about the article is that, in order to promote these allegedly “fat” women as sexy, the writers felt they had to denigrate skinny women. Because being sexy is a zero-sum game.

Feministe: How To Talk To Friends With Food Issues And/Or Body Image Issues

To Which Maia Adds: And Shut The Fuck Up About Food!

Big Queer Blog: Asian-Americans Speak Out On Same-Sex Marriage What You Have To Do To Excel At Law School
Since I’ve sometimes toyed with the idea of law school, this sort of post helps bring me back to sanity.

Making Light: Lock Picking No Longer Requires Any Skill
Not for pin-tumbler locks, anyway. Curtsy: Deltoid.

Mixed Media Watch: Vlogger Confronts Her Family’s Racism Over Interracial Dating



  1. 4 year College should only be recommended for the absolute top students. And skilled labor should be seriously weighted as an option for B students. There are to many people wasting money only to end up with no job, and that’s what college is about; work, not “enlightenment”, I already knew such and such minority was put down by whitey as I got taught that in each grade from 7th on.

    Blacks, “deserve a 4 year education”, no, mediocre white students nor mediocre black students deserve not to feed the nickle and diming leviathan of the professorship.

    The focus should really be a living wage for all; just like Hitler’s Germany. (“Did he just say that!”) To the detriment of international capitalists who scream “anti-semitism”.

    What’s better; a living wage for every single black person, or a select minority of a minority minority get college educated to join the elite black shabbos goyim, and rig the stock market for their masters, and the masters can say how diverse it is, just as their white monkeys in the congress do now.

    Comment by Heathenist — August 22, 2006 @ 12:34 am | Reply

  2. Wow, three coherent sentences that made a defensible point before the content degenerated into crap. I think we have a new record for cognitively semi-functional trolls, ladies and gentlemen.

    Comment by Robert — August 22, 2006 @ 1:27 am | Reply

  3. Now now, Robert… I think you’re being too harsh.

    That’s an insult to all the REAL cognitively semi-functional trolls out there.

    Anyways, there’s only room for one cognitively semi-functional person on this blog. And I’ve already got that slot wrapped up. Go get your own.

    Comment by Off Colfax — August 22, 2006 @ 5:00 am | Reply

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