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July 9, 2006

What The …?

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Due to all the little nasty bastages running two seperate denial-of-service attacks on Jeff Goldstein‘s blog (Thankfully, his site is back up. May the DoS-ers end up with rabid ferrets shoved down their pants. Rabid ferrets on PCP and LSD.), I had absolutely no idea that this was going on.

We all know that lefty trolls can be a real inconvenience at times, but a very special troll named Deborah Frisch has taken trolling down a very dark road. Jeff Goldstein is the very insightful conservative blogger who writes at Protein Wisdom and Dr. Frisch (did I mention she’s a psych[o] professor at the University of Arizona?) has repeatedly and quite disturbing levied DEATH THREATS against Jeff’s 2 year old child.
[Emphasis original.]

Turn-signal to Punchy’s comment here on Balloon Juice for the heads-up.

Now, I admit. At first, I thought this was mere poetic licence being performed by Froggy. After all, this was posted on BlackFive, which does not really have the highest of reputations on my side of the double-yellow line. But then I kept on reading and… To be perfectly honest, I had to stop eating before I lost my appetite. And then, just to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating this whole thing, I read my way further into the belly of the beast. Alas, it is reality.

This person, one Dr. Deborah Frisch, is perhaps one of the most socially inept, intellectually self-dishonest, and culturally clueless people on my side of the double-yellow-line I’ve had the displeasure to run into. (So sayeth the man who was once a regular attendee of Green Party meetings in a university town. That should give you some concept of scale.) In other words, a pure product of Politically-Correct thought run rampant. If your opponent is on the non-PC side, you can say whatever you want about them and still claim to be on the moral high ground.

Pardon me while I break the one rule I set for myself when blogging (Rule is: No cussin’.) below the fold.

Bullshit. Bull-fucking-shit. Bull-fucking-snakes-on-a-plane-shit. Now, should I go on, or have I brought my complete distaste for this view all the way to the forefront? Good. (Now don’t let me do that again.)

Regardless of how you see Jeff Goldstein, whether friend (Like Janalynn of TalkLeft, for example. Or myself, who will be buying Jeff another beer this August.) or sworn enemy, this went so far past the line that even the Hubble couldn’t see it. Regardless of how far over the line your target may have gone over the years (And believe me, Jeff has gone quite far over the line. But not quite THIS far.), descending to their perceived level is only a crutch for the most pathetically weak and grossly simpleminded among us.

And seeing as how this is not exactly the most isolated incident, I have no compulsion against wishing Dr. Frisch a great big STFU. Particularly as she goes on to say this in the same post as her confirmation of her resignation.

It is unbelievable that a comment saying I would not care if harm came to your child is such a crime to the rightwingnuts when they’ve been happy as clams to send American dupes to murder, maim, rape and torture (yup folks – depriving people of electricity and clean water is a form of torture!) Iraqi children for four years.

As I said. Intellectually self-dishonest. Even goes so far as to preen about being invited onto Fox News for an interview. Culturally clueless. Points proven. Game, Set, Match – Federer.

Pre-emptively resigning a position as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Arizona is hardly harsh enough of a penalty for this, particularly seeing as how her immediate response was that it was something she was “thinking about doing anyways.” Should she still be active at the University of Oregon in any form (References citing her involvement in University of Oregon literature from 1990 to 2001.), calls should be made for her disassociation from that university as well. (Note: Current listing of psychology department faculty, including adjunct, does not show her as being on faculty at this time.)

And until then, I have one thing to say to the dogs nipping at Frisch’s heels… You’re aiming too low.

Carpe jugulum.


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  1. In other words, a pure product of Politically-Correct thought run rampant. If your opponent is on the non-PC side, you can say whatever you want about them and still claim to be on the moral high ground.

    Speak it, Brother. I had two run-ins with Frisch last year, one on my blog and the other on a friend’s blog. The point is, that of the Leftists who stumble onto my blog, she’s not that far from the norm. For Leftists who mingle amongst their own they probably see few people like her in their circles, but many people with her type of sensibilities like to take on the role of “Ambassadors of Progressivism” and I see a disproportionate share of these Ambassadors. Further, I also get to see the “Army of God” type stalkers of the Left who seek out, and publish, personal information like addresses, phone numbers, photographs, work details, spouse’s name and information about children so that their acolytes can use this information as they think best.

    It amuses me no end when I read Leftists complaining about these tactics being unique to the nutcases and partisans of the Right, as thought there is something in the very foundations of Leftism which suffocates such malignancy of personality. Ideological tunnel vision, taste for partisan battle, and lack of social graces and good sense are not bounded by ideological limitations.

    Comment by TangoMan — July 9, 2006 @ 2:34 pm | Reply

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