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July 9, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #30

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Y’all know the drill – feel free to post whatever you like in this thread, including links to cool stuff I wasn’t smart enough to link to (posting links to your own stuff is encouraged, too).

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

The Patient-Consumer: The Patient-Consumer Parade – First Edition!

The Gimp Parade: Lots of Links
Lots of interesting links here (some of which I swiped for this post).

All Girl Army – a new groupblog for young, feminist women.
Not only is this blog’s content utterly cool, their logo, drawn by Hope Larson, is absolutely gorgeous cartooning.

Martha Nussbaum: Review of Manliness
One of the best feminist critiques of anything I’ve read this year.

AngryBlackBitch: Bullying
In addition to the main posts, I found many of the comments interesting, especially regarding the worth of apologies.

American Academy of Pediatrics: The Effects of Marriage, Civil Union, and Domestic Partnership Laws on the Health and Well-being of Children
Curtsy: Mombian.

Sunlit Water: Asymmetry In Female and Male Sexual Fantasies

Mauzy’s Musings: Appalling, Offensive, Disgusting Exploitation of Children With Down Syndrome
Here’s my theory: Sufficiently advanced insensitivity is indistinguishable from bigotry. Curtsy: The Gimp Parade.

Concurring Opinions: Are False Convictions More Likely In Death Penalty Cases?

Capital juries are likely to be less sympathetic to the defense because they are death-qualified (i.e., only people who are willing to impose death are permitted to be jurors in a capital case.) This eliminates a not insignificant portion of the population that is most attractive to the defense. [Curtsy: The Debate Link.]

Crooked Timber: Why Are Bombthrowers Like Hirshman and Flanagan Dominating The “Mommy Wars” Debate?

Diabetes Mine: The Horror of Depending On The Kindness Of Strangers
Curtsy: The Gimp Parade

Hugo Schwyzer:The Hard Wiring Of The Human Brain Is No Excuse

Prosphoros: Passing, Privilege, and Intelligibility

My feeling is that, no matter how hard I work, the best I can hope for is to be treated as a “man” who wants/expects to be treated like a “woman”, but that requires stepping into the trans narrative, something which I cannot do with good conscience

Balkinization: Anti-Intellectual Republicans in Florida Pass A Law Against Post-Modernism

The Debate Link: How U.S. Torture & Ignoring Human Rights Hurts Democracy Promotion

Solidly Average: Response to Tekanji’s Post on “Alas”
“Alas” guest-poster Rachel S. and I both contributed to the discussion in comments. See this post too, where occasional “Alas” comment-writer Crys T has some excellent comments.

Slant Truth: On The Need For People of Color To Have Their Own Spaces

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: How Women Police Conformity to Sexism (Feminist Critique of Go Fug Yourself)

The Nation: How Conservatives Scuttled Juan Cole’s Hiring By Yale
Every right-winger who has complained about the supposed bias against conservatives in University hiring, but who makes excuses for or ignores this case, is a partisan hack hypocrite and nothing more.

Punk Ass Blog: The Kitten Defense. (Awww, itsa wee sooooo cute!)

Big Queer Blog: Roundup of Articles About the Anti-Marriage-Equality Decisions in NY and Georgia

The Happy Feminist: Three Feminist Stories From One West African Country

Granny Gets A Vibrator: Round-Up Post Regarding Cultural Appropriation and “Reverse Racism”

New Mobility: South Park‘s Timmy Is The Best Disabled Character on TV
According to a poll of British TV viewers, that is. Timmy also polled better among disabled than nondisabled viewers. Curtsy: Gimp Parade.

SuperBabyMama: “Sim Isle” is Racist and Sexist

Taking Place: The Internet’s Future Is In The Hands Of The Hopelessly Clueless


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