Creative Destruction

June 25, 2006

It Hurts My Brain

Filed under: Content-lite,Popular Culture — Robert @ 11:55 pm

Ann Coulter: Deadhead


  1. Quote of the interview:

    “the tailgating, the tie-dye uniforms, the camaraderie – it was like NASCAR for potheads.”

    ‘Nuff said.

    Comment by Off Colfax — June 26, 2006 @ 1:13 am | Reply

  2. Ann Coulter: Apart from Al Gore, Al Franken is the most un-Deadhead like person I know of who purports to be a Deadhead.

    HA!! I knew Gore was a Poser!!

    I can’t resist…
    If she had any class she’d admit she ate acid — but Didn’t Inhale 🙂

    …how much you wanna bet she found Jesus back in Eugene ’94!

    C’mon Ann — One Old Deadhead to Another: You smoked a lot of ecstacy pills back then too, didn’t you?

    Alright. I nominate myself for the Write Your Own Post of the Week Award.

    Stay Smart.

    Comment by Mike E — June 26, 2006 @ 3:58 am | Reply

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