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May 25, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #26

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Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these….

Ally Work: The First Erase Racism Carnival is Here!
Frequent “Alas” guest-poster Rachel S. (of Rachel’s Tavern) did a great job putting this together.

Lucky White Girl: Carnival of the Liberals #13
Linky Liberal Goodness!

New Blog: Taking Place
A really good groupblog with a lot of the smarter set of progressive bloggers.

GenderGeek: Arguments in Favor of Outlawing Prostitution
Specifically, she favors arresting and jailing “johns,” which is my position too. Here she rebuts several oft-heard feminist arguments against this policy. Rebuttal to the “It’s Just a Joke, You Shouldn’t Take It Seriously” Argument
Another example of first-class argumentation from the awesome Tekanji.

A Womb of Her Own: Anne Fasuto-Sterling on How Culture Literally Shapes Our Bones

Blac(k)ademic: More on gender and race intersectionality, rather than trumping
Damn, but Nubian is great. Complexity is not our enemy.

Citizen of the Month: What being Jewish Has To Do With Understanding Anti-Fat Bigotry

Pseudo-Adrienne: Book Review of The Girls Who Went Away
The book is about “The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade.” Really interesting stuff.

Debatage: Peter Singer Comes Out In Favor of Anti-Fat Bigotry

Vegankid: The Root of Racism is the Creation of Whiteness

After all, if we are all given the same opportunities in life and the outcome is that White people come out ahead, then the logical conclusion is that we remain innately superior. Inversely, this logic implies that people of color do not attain such positions because they are lazy, morally corrupt, intellectually inferior, or other such nonsense. Race and Sexual Harassment

Chelsea Jennings: The LGBT Rights Movement and the Civil Rights Movement Are Not The Same

Civil rights metaphors are an even bigger joke when we consider the disenfranchisement of blacks within the LGBT community. Co-opting language and tactics from the civil rights movement without coming through on its promises is self-serving and undermines our movement instead of legitimizing it.

The Gimp Parade: Voting While Disabled, and why vote-by-mail may not be the best thing for disabled voters

Daily Kos: Why The Right-Wing Gets It
Regular readers know I don’t link to Kos much – I’m not that interested in horserace analysis. But this post, about how the right uses long-term thinking to move the boundaries of debate, struck me as both interesting and probably true. This is one reason I think it’s important to fight and argue for total marriage equality for same-sex couples, rather than just arguing for a “civil unions” compromise.

Ostroy Report: Lots of posts about Al Gore’s hypothetical run for president
I like the post-2000 Gore’s politics a lot better than most Democrat’s, and he could probably win. The problem is, when he was actually faced with a challenge in Florida in 2000, he pretty much rolled over and died, providing zero leadership and not standing up for black voters’ rights. Do we really want someone like that in the White House?

Feministe: Piny on Cultural Appropriation, Borrowing and Theft
Thoughtful post. The discussion in the comments is interesting, too.

luxurious living light: Bought Colored Kids (a critique of transracial adoption).
Curtsy: Blac(k)ademic

The Debate Link: Why the Religious Right is Distancing Itself From Republicans
It’s strategy. Pure speculation on David’s part, but interesting and plausible speculation nonetheless.

Molly Saves The Day: Is “My Name Is Earl” a Hidden Recruitment Drive for Scientology?
I don’t really care if it is or not; it’s a good show no matter what it’s intent and inspiration. But it’s an interesting post nonetheless.

After Ellen: The Coming Extinction Of Lesbian Characters on Network TV

Why Am I Not Surprised?: Racism = Prejudice + Power

…They say, “I don’t see color. I just see everyone as a human being,” by which they mean, they don’t intend to acknowledge all the studies showing how exploited and dominated people of color still are in the United States because the White speaker has already decided that Black people’s problems are the result of Black people’s inferiority.

Hugo Schwyzer: Feminist Men and Women’s Anger

The Gimp Parade: Fallacious and Offensive Comparison between Fetuses and the Disabled
Blue correctly criticizes a discussion had by a number of ablebodied clueless people, myself included, I’m embarrassed to admit. First African-American Women To Be A Professor At Yale Law School

Pinko Feminist Hellcat: Don’t Mess With Our Views, Plebes!
Wind turbines are too unsafe and environmentally destructive to put in sight of Ted Kennedy’s estate. But move the turbines to a poor area, and suddenly the safety and environmental problems disappear like poof!

Pinko Feminist Hellcat: Critique of the Voluntary Simplicity Movement

BRO Blog: Two Upcoming Anti-Queer Ballot Measures In Oregon
Really horrifying stuff – one would ban all public schools, including universities, from teaching any materials that “express approval of, endorse or otherwise make morally acceptable the behaviors of homosexuality, bisexuality or transgendered conduct.” Hopefully, it won’t pass, but I bet that the majority of conservatives in Oregon vote in favor of it.

Noli Irritare Leones: Beefcake, Cheesecake, and the Meaning of Women’s Lack of Surfing for Porn
Curtsy: Hugo.

BBC Video: BBC Interviews Wrong Man (aka Guy Goma is my hero)
Guy Goma, a cab driver, is sitting in the BBC waiting room, waiting to interview for some job. Somehow, he wound up in the interview seat of a news show instead, mistaken by the show staff for an expert in internet copyright law. Mr. Goma’s expression when he realizes he’s being interviewed on TV news – and his decision to bluff his way through the interview – is hilarious, but also the bravest thing I’ve seen in ages. I’d hire him. Curtsy: The Debate Link.

Democracy Arsenal: On A Unilateral Withdrawal From the West Bank by Israel

VeganKid: Its four in the morning and i reek of burnt flesh and melted linoleum.
The reality of U.S. health care, where people have to choose between emergency care and having money for rent the next month.

Feministe: The Patriachy Hurts Men Between The Sheets
Because y’know, it’s not feminism that says it’s all about the erection.

After Ellen: Interview with WonderFalls co-creator Bryan Fuller
One of my favorite TV shows ever – too bad they canceled it after three episodes. The interview focuses on the main character’s lebsian sister, and includes a little of what they planned to do with her character second season. Sigh.

Mombian: New Report on Children’s TV Watching Habits

Pandagon: Against “Natural vs Unnatural” Discourse
A response to to one of Rachel’s posts here on Alas. Yay for debate!

Feministing: Zimbabwe women arrested for protesting inequitable schools Why The Census Should Not Have An “Interracial” Category

Given the importance of racial statistics for addressing racial inequality, it does not seem such an imposition to request that individuals treat the race question as an inquiry into the political meaning of how they are racially perceived, rather than an inquiry into the full range of a person’s racial identity. … When a mixed-race person of African-descent can’t get a taxi, the full range of how that person culturally identifies is simply not salient to the issue of discrimination.

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: Excellent Post on Food, Politics, and Capitalism

Big Fat Blog: Study Finds Anti-Fat Prejudice Common Among Fat People
Can’t say I’m surprised.

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: How Imprecise Langauge Hinders Feminist Debates About Pornography

(Liberal) Girl Next Door: Start Preparing For Republicans To Steal The 2006 Elections

I love these “movie trailers” parodies made from classic movies.
Curtsy: Headpiece for the Staff of Ra

Debitage: Nature Is Not Wise, But We Are Foolish

John M. Burt: Saipan is a Beautiful Place
Possibly no “guest workers” in any part of the US (Saipan is a US territory) have been mistreated as badly as women working in Saipan. John Burt provides some useful links.

Balkinization: On the FBI Search of Rep. Jefferson’s Office

Instead of being upset about the President spying on Americans without a warrant, and in violation of federal law, the members of the U.S. Congress are upset about the FBI searching a Congressman’s office with a legal warrant. Instead of being upset about the cruel, inhuman and degrading tactics of the CIA and military interrogators, members of the U.S. Congress are upset that a corrupt Congressman’s office has been disturbed.

National Council of Research on Women: Taxes Are a Women’s Issue


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