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May 11, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #24

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As usual, feel free to use this thread to post about anything you’d like, including links to your own stuff if you want.

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff I’ve read lately:

Ally Work: Now Accepting Submissions for the First Erase Racism Carnival
The Carnival itself will premiere on May 20th.

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: Happy six-month blogiversary
One of my favorite bloggers celebrates a milestone. Maia, who guest blogged at “Alas” last month, is one of my favorite bloggers; see this “greatest hits” post if you’d like to read some reasons why.

Woman of Color Blog: A Different Sort of Racist Email

Ay, perhaps I’ve just watched too much Sesame Street, but I feel bad for this woman. I feel bad that she’s all alone, and the only tool she has to express her displeasure at her situation is to spew hate.

Many of the comments discussing this post are excellent, too.

Ally Work: The Myth that Black Women Suck Up All The Welfare Benefits
Excellent post bouncing off of Brownfemipower’s “racist email” post (linked above). Read ’em both.

Midnight Bridges: Backstage at the Gender Performance
Interesting post about a couple in which both members are self-consciously “performing gender” as part of their generally (but differently) genderbending lives. This is one of my favorite posts I’ve read this week.

Persephone’s Box: Sex, Relative Sex Drives, Sexism, and an Apology For An Evening
Everything from dealing with conventionally sexist folks at a party to how conventional gender roles led the author to not take “no” for an answer in her high school days. Another of my favorite posts this week.

Blac(k)ademic: I’m Bored With The Oppression Olympics

The New Republic: Darfur Genocide FAQ
Useful background catch-up on Darfur genocide, for those who need it. Requires free registration, but you can try username and password “alasablog” and see if that works. Curtsy: Kevin Drum, who unfortunately is almost certainly correct when he says that no one in the world is willing and able to step in and stop the genocide.

Feminist African Sister: Is there a way that feminists should dance or not dance?

Forms of Thought: Tampon Shortage in Zimbabwe

So desperate is the situation that women are being forced to use rolled-up pieces of newspaper. Zimbabwe already has the world’s lowest life expectancy for women — 34 — and Khumalo believes these unhygienic practices could make it drop to as low as 20 because infections will make them more vulnerable to HIV. “It’s a time bomb,” she said.

Bitch | Lab: The War on Contraception

FattiePatties: Six Tips For Breaking the Dieting Habit
A short but excellent (by which I mean, well-written, compassionate, and sensible) anti-dieting post (this time on Fattypatties’ Amazon blog rather than her usual blog).

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: Critique of “No Diet Day”

Echidne: On The High Newborn Death Rate Among African-Americans

Some solutions to this problem would not be expensive, if the political will for them could be found. Antenatal clinics have been found to work really well, and starting some in poor areas would do marvels. …Currently even the programs that have been shown to be effective are under the threat of termination, because the administration does not believe in government intervention in anything but warfare and laws to protect property rights.

Echidne: The lack of leading female pundits, and why it matters

Five O’Clock Bot: The Rise of the Reterosexual

A retrosexual is anyone who spreads lies in order to suppress sexual expression, anyone who foists their moldy morals on the rest of us. Anyone who wants the government to legislate private sexual pleasures.

Rod 2.0: Black, Gay Men and the Church
Good post and link farm. Curtsy: Rachel’s Tavern.

Pandagon: More on Kathleen Parker, Cathy Young and Rape

Washington Post: Plan to Give D.C. Vote in House of Representatives Advances
Thanks to “Alas” reader Lee for sending me this link.

Hullaballo: The War On Fucking
Good post on the conservative opposition to saving women from dying from cervical cancer.

Body Impolitic: On Healthism
There’s no moral obligation to exercise and eat right.

“Reverse Racism” Baseball Lawsuit Rejected By Court
Curtsy: Rachel’s Tavern

Woman of Color Blog: Trans Identities, Feminism and Me

Mombian: Breast Feeding World Record

3738 women in Manila yesterday set a world record for simultaneous breast feeding. Organizers say the event was meant to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding.

BlackProf: Do White Meth Users Get More Compassionate Treatment Than Black Crack Users?

Pinko Feminist Hellcat: Rape Victim Forced to Bring Children To Visit Rapist Father In Prison

Talk Left: Making Sense in the Immigration Debate

Beat The Press: Sweatshops In Jordon Flourish Despite Language of Trade Agreement

Newswise: So-Called “Crack Babies” Grow Up As Well-Behaved As Other Kids, Study Finds

PunkAssBlog: John McCain Asks For Favors From Religious Right Dons

It’s kind of like the Godfather. They’ll help you get elected, and one day — and that day may never come [except it totally will] — they may ask you for a favor. And by a favor they mean giving them total and complete control over the American crotch.

Pandagon: Hate The Artist, Like The Art

Eschaton: List of What Very Nearly All Lefty Bloggers Agree On

Counterpunch: The Misuses of Anti-Semitism

Little Green Footballs: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interview
I agree with all the well-known critiques of LGF, but nonetheless I think this interview, with a atheist-muslim-feminist critic of trends in modern Islam, is interesting to watch. It’s in English after the introduction is over with. Curtsy: Kesher Talk.

The Onion: New ‘Anti-Abortion Pill’ Kills Mother, Leaves Fetus Alive
Curtsy: Pandagon.

Hoyden-About-Town: How A Mention on an “Alas” Link Farm Led Indirectly to a “Boing Boing” Post
I know this is always how stuff percolates up the bloggy food chain, but nonetheless: Neato!

Iron Blog: Formal Debate in Blog Format
I just ran across this blog, which hasn’t been updated in years. But debate fans like me might enjoy browsing the archives.


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