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May 8, 2006

Link Farm & Open Thread #23

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More of what I’ve been reading….

Brownfemipower could use a little support.
She’s short of funds needed to maintain her internet connection and her eyesight (i.e., glasses). If you can, go over and hit the donate button on her sidebar, please.

Blac(k)ademic: Fourt Radical Women of Color Carnival!

Mombian: June 1st is Blogging for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Families Day

* * *

My Mother Is White: Racist Cops
There’s a lot of good stuff here, but particularly notable for me, with my addiction to social science, is the concern that cops may be deliberately recording people of color they victimize as “White” in order to prevent racial profiling from being detected.

Granny Gets A Vibrator: On Everyday Racism and “Mundane Stress”

But this is part of the whole toxic crazy-making nature of mundane stress: the people on the receiving end, like Bobby, see this subtle dynamic in action day after day, year after year, for their whole lives, yet everyone else insists it’s not really happening. (Curtsy: PunkAssBlog).

Feministe on Bigotry and Mundane Stress

Feministe: Trans Responses To Feminist Myths

Supreme Court Refuses Pro-Life Appeal in Free-Speech “Wanted” Poster Case
Good! I don’t think free speech includes the right to implicitly call for opponents to be murdered. Via Bush v. Choice.

Ruminations of a Racial Realist: Is Oprah a Modern-Day Mammy?

Mad Melancholic Feminista: Rethinking Consent and Campus Codes
Campus sexual conduct codes help colleges cover their legal ass, but is there anything there for feminists to be pleased with? (Curtsy: Abyss2Hope).

Creative Destruction: “Virginity Pledgers” Lie About Having Sex and Having Pledged

Beat The Press: Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry Is Predicted by Basic Economics
Government-created monopolies tend to be corrupt. Why should we expect monopolies created by Intellectual Property laws to be any different?

Independent Gay Forum: The Right-Wing Assault on Gay Adoption

Question: What’s worse than a dozen or so states contemplating gay marriage bans during an election year?

Answer: A dozen or so states contemplating gay adoption bans during an election year.

Tennessee Guerrilla Women: Map of Which States Have Anti-Gay-Marriage Ballot Measures in 2006

Independent Gay Forum: Blacks on Gay Marriage
What do the polls show?

Political Science & Politics (pdf link): The Strange Evolution of the Conservative Case Against Gay Marriage

The case against same-sex marriage, [Republicans] decided, would focus on marriage and children, not morality and homosexuals. Sen. Santorum’s experience shaped the Republican strategy for the Federal Marriage Amendment: suppress religious and morally perfectionist arguments, avoid “gay-bashing,” and appeal to widely acceptable values. But the selectivity of the Republicans’ concern about children’s welfare, and their unprincipled focus on gays and lesbians, marks their legislative strategy as cynical, opportunistic, and inconsistent with the equal respect and fairness that majorities owe to minorities if they are to govern legitimately. (Curtsy: Independant Gay Forum).

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Iraqi Police Execute 14-Year Old Boy For Being Gay
Thank goodness we freed him before the violent psycho fucks we put into power murdered him.

Reappropriate: Who I Am and Who We Be
This post, about Jenn’s own background and Asian American Heritage Month, is simply too stuffed with interesting thoughts and smart quotes for me to find just one to pull out. Go read the whole post, is my advice.

Reappropriate: Dumb Asiaphile Responses to Criticism
Check out also the comments to the original anti-Asiaphile post – some interesting stuff there.

Crooked Timber: Eugene Volokh Flunks Feminism 101

Ann Bartow: Yup, Volokh Really, Really Flunks It.
Curtsy: Lawyers, Guns & Money.

Majikthise: Striking photo of military graveyard
I don’t take the deaths the graves represent lightly. Nonetheless, it’s an impressive image.

On The Whole: A Modest Proposal Regarding Weight, Fat, And Preventing Death

Super Babymama: Criticizing the Cutting Remarks of the Clueless Coddled Classes

For you stupid smug people who think that every single poor person in the world isn’t really poor unless they’re living out of a cardboard box on some godforsaken city street, or eating dog food out of a can in some trailer in the backwoods: get a clue.

Blackprof: Great Post Discussing Racism and Racial Politics in Brazil

Majikthise: Caitlin Flanigan is Dissed For Being a Lightweight and a Hypocrite, Not a Housewife
The mix of analysis and eloquent contempt in this post is masterful. For some reason, I was really cracked up by this sentence: “I just don’t see how Flanagan’s rarified existence is relevant to any larger social issues, except perhaps as an implied argument for a more progressive tax structure.”

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Pro-Lifers in Power = Less Access To Birth Control = More Abortion

Alternet: Women-Only Train Cars in Brazil: Protection from Gropers, or Segregation and Discrimination?

Advocacy groups, moreover, consider the measure to be a serious step backwards for women’s rights in Brazil — and have begun a campaign to declare the state law unconstitutional. Women’s advocates acknowledge that harassment is pervasive and grossly under-reported, but they believe that the law is an illegal form of discrimination that will only legitimize the abuses that still occur. (Curtsy: My Amusement Park)

Nappy As I Want To Be: US Soldier’s Rape Sentence Cut Due To Iraq Stress

Obsidian Wings: What The Democrats Say They’ll Do If They Take The House
1) Raise minimum wage. 2) Allow Medicare to use bulk-buying power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. 3) Fully implement all the bipartisan panel home security recommendations. 4) Reinstate pay-as-you-go rules for new spending and new tax cuts.

Obsidian Wings: Graphs About The Bush Tax Cuts

My Amusement Park: “Blogging Against Disablism” Link Farm

Tennessee Guerilla Women: Stephen Colbert Link Dump!
Lots of links about Colbert shocking a nation by telling truthiness to the President’s face. Don’t skip the links to TGW’s own posts on the matter, at the bottom of this post.

Left2Right: Kaavya Viswanathan Should Be Seen As A Victim, Not A Plagiarist

Deilight: Bad Biblical Arguments For Opposing Euthanasia
The writer, a pro-life Christian, probably would agree with me about almost nothing. But from a debate perspective, I enjoyed this post.

USA Today: German Man Plans To Adopt 1,000 Children

A 56-year-old German living in Paraguay is seeking to become the legal father of 1,000 foreign children so they can have German nationality, education and social benefits, Der Speigel reports in its edition to appear on Monday.


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