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May 2, 2006

Group Blogs as a rising trend

Filed under: Blogosphere — Adam Gurri @ 8:17 pm

Bazzer pointed me to this post on group blogging.

While I disagreed with what he had to say about individual blogging,  I have to say that a lot of his comments about group blogs were similar to the reasons I endeavored to set one up.

If you've spent enough time in the blogosphere, you're familiar with the burnouts that are common to all bloggers (except this guy,  but that's just 'cause most of his posts are one-line linkers anyway).  I felt that one of the great things about a group blog with a lot of different people on it would be that even if most of us were burned out at any given point, you only needed a couple of people actively posting to keep the engine running.

Also, having an assured set of eyes to scrutinize your work can only be to the benefit of the overall quality of posts, I think. 


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  1. This post sucks.


    You forgot the other advantage of group blogs, which is that everyone can dogpile on the blog organizer and make his life a burning infinite hell.

    Say, when are the categories going to be properly capitalized? Looks like someone’s first-day LiveJournal, over there.

    Comment by Robert — May 3, 2006 @ 12:28 am | Reply

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