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April 27, 2006

Britney Fat-Bashed at Celeb Site

Filed under: Feminist Issues,Popular Culture — Robert @ 7:39 pm

This video shows Britney Spears practicing dance moves for a new song of hers. The video is unremarkable. It shows a pretty woman who has had a baby doing some dance exercises. Every straight man I've ever known would think "that's a nice looking baby mama there, that is".

What's remarkable (but sadly, not unusual) is the incredible fat-bashing going on in the comment thread attached to the video.

"Britney should give up on trying to look sexy and just embrace her new image of 'beached whale'"

"Big booty = more balance for spins…staple the stomach, please"

"Oh my god how much do you guys think she weighs- seriously…. I'm gonna guess 140…. that's being nice."

"Brit's doing a great job of getting as fat and foul as Anna was prior to the latest drug addictions."

"It's like watchin a WHALE chase a TicTac! "THERE SHE BLOWS""

And so on.

I hold no brief for Britney Spears or for celebrity culture in general. But it is sickening to see the contempt that these people have no compunction about pouring out in a public forum. What kind of mentality thinks it appropriate to crap on other human beings like this? Knock it off, knuckleheads; you're forcing me into agreement with moonbats, and I hate being in agreement with moonbats.

UPDATE: She hasn't put on weight. She's FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT. Makes the bashers look even worse, if you ask me.



  1. Look at it the other way, Bob. You’re not in agreements with those crazy moonbats. Instead, those crazy moonbats are coming to their senses and agreeing with you. Admittedly, it’s on one of the most inane and insignificant issues ever, but they had to start being intelligent human beings eventually, right?

    Face it. People are idiots. I deal with more than my fair share of them every single day, and those types of comments are more than prevalent from those who exhibit a room-temperature IQ. (They may be more intelligent than that, but they sure as all hell don’t show it.)

    Comment by Off Colfax — April 27, 2006 @ 10:23 pm | Reply

  2. Instead, those crazy moonbats are coming to their senses and agreeing with you.

    About time, too!

    People are idiots.

    A sentiment that my philosophy and spirituality war against, but which finds amiable companionship in the darker crannies of my soul.

    I just got back from Safeway, where it took, literally, four repeated iterations of my order for the deli clerk to process it. My incredibly complex request? One pound of chicken breast, and one pound of roast beef, please. “How much chicken was that again?” “And what was the other meat you wanted?” “And that was how much chicken?” “OK, roast beef, and what was the other one again?”

    Jesus, give me the strength of character to refrain from just cutting throats left and right.

    Comment by bobhayes — April 27, 2006 @ 11:42 pm | Reply

  3. Here’s a good one for you, Bob.

    From Lothar, of Exterminatus Now:

    To be fair I am actually glad you’re so stupid, it means you’ll never be able to work out how to breed, and thus Earth won’t be plagued by your retarded inbred offspring. I’d ask you to kill yourselves, but you probably wouldn’t be able to figure out how to do that either.

    And this isn’t simply about brain-fart moments. Everyone gets those at some occasional point in time. (Where’d I put my keys? Yup, that’s a popular one.) Hells, I allow for one brain-fart per day, per person. That’s more than sufficient for occasional dumb moments. More than that, however, and I start supporting involuntary chemical reproductive suppression.

    Comment by Off Colfax — April 28, 2006 @ 5:00 am | Reply

  4. Well, the site is “The Superficial”. Still, it’s idiocy.

    Comment by Tuomas — April 28, 2006 @ 5:16 pm | Reply

  5. NY Daily News JV gossip Lloyd Grove found himself in the middle of a highly amusing feud between rival publicists after he passed along a “leaked” e-mail to Britney Spears’ manager (amazingly enough, it seems she has someone on staff to advise her, “Just stay home, get fat, and squeeze out a couple of rugrats with that deadbeat husband of yours, kid. People will still love you when you’re ready to tour again in ten years!”) aimed at poaching the embattled baby-fumbler from Leslie Sloane Zelnick, her heroic PR enforcer.

    Comment by cell phone deals — July 17, 2006 @ 6:51 am | Reply

  6. I think it’s only a matter of time before Britney runs over a photographer and kills ’em. What happened to that sweet old Britney we used to know and love?

    Comment by topfloor music — November 19, 2007 @ 11:52 am | Reply

  7. The public used her up, spit her out, and turned her into an unredeemable attention whore. That’s the nature of celebrity, and some are more vulnerable than others.

    Comment by Brutus — November 19, 2007 @ 11:59 am | Reply

  8. the public has unrealistic expectations of celebrities, especially the girls. this is one reason why some female celebrities become anorexics or bulimics or get liposuction. i won’t turn this into a fat acceptance issue…

    in the case of britney, she simply never grew up.

    Comment by greywhitie — November 19, 2007 @ 4:47 pm | Reply

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