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April 22, 2006

Link Farm and Open Thread #20

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As usual, use the comments to discuss whatever you’d like.

Just so y’all know, I’m going to be returning to Oregon today (Sunday), and will probably not have steady internet access again until sometime on Monday.

I See Invisible People: Carnival of Feminists XIII

Blogging Against Heteronormativity Day
Yes, it’s already been linked here. There’s no rule saying I can’t link it again. 😉 I’m very sorry that I didn’t contribute to this or to Awareness about Sexual Violence, but my circumstances while traveling have made it hard to concentrate enough to write anything substantive. IOW, Virginia Wolf was right.

Femivist: Blog To Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence
A really amazing collection of links – Femivist did a wonderful job, and I hope it had good effects.

Feministe: Questioning Questioning Transgender

Feminist Law Profs: U.S. Is No Help To Iraqi Women Four Incidents of Rape
Tiffany describes four real-life incidents she knows of, and asks readers to debate if the incidents are rape or not.

BlackProf: Racism and Civility

Y Files: Feminism, Mysogyny, and Husband Management

A number of posters in Dr. Helen’s comments thread (which quickly turns to woman-bashing, or at least American-woman-bashing) blame this supposedly pervasive “husband management” on “feminists,” “gender feminists,” “misandrist attitudes and behavior,” and the like. (All of which goes unquestioned by Dr. Helen.) But in fact, it is anti-feminist traditionalists, not feminists, who embrace female manipulation of men as a positive value — a way women can wield power and achieve what they want without “becoming like men.”

Black Looks: A Human Rights Victory
“Nine Cameroonian men have been acquitted of all charges after been incarcerated for 12 months on charges of homosexuality, in the most horrendous conditions.” But meanwhile, 15 women are still be persecuted by police and by campus authorities for lesbianism.

Real Men Are Not: Army Suicides Hit Highest Level Since ’92
Another example of how patriarchy hurts men, too.

Daily Dose of Queer: Cowboy Hat Protest Helps Change Homophobe’s Heart?
Well, not totally. But it’s certainly a step in a good direction.

Democracy Arsenal: Beyond Baby Steps for Darfur

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty: Why Do Men Have Sex With Women Who Don’t Want To Have Sex With Them?

TRAC: Immigration Report
Interesting, statistics-based report on illegal immigration, hiring more border agents and “closing the border.” Nutshell: Those who think doubling the number of INS border agents will make a difference may wind up being disappointed.

Big Fat Blog: TV Turn Off Week Doesn’t Turn Off Fat Phobia

The Margins: “Godbags”: Contempt, Gendered

So, I wonder what the chances are of talking feminists, pro-feminists and allies to feminists, in particular, out of using the word “godbag,” a word I’m currently seeing all over the internet?

Lawyers Guns and Money: Why It’s Worse For The US To Sanction Torture Than For Iran To Do The Same

Full Court Press: Right-Wing Court Refuses To Let Sexual Harassment Complaint Go Forward.

It’s particularly interesting that, though they discounted the severity of the intrusive sexual profanities Melissa Jennings was forced to deal with, Judges Dever and Williams chose to use asterisks when quoting Coach Dorrance’s language. Too harsh to be read, but not harsh enough to have a serious real world impact?

Gender Travel Questionnaire
“If you’re over eighteen years of age and identify as gender variant, Az Aizura would like you to take the Gender Travel Questionnaire.” (Quoted from: Daily Dose of Queer)


  1. Adam, would you possibly consider modifying the template so that many more than 5 recent comments are shown, and preferably sorted by topic, (like Alas).

    As things stand, there is essentially no point in posting to any topic not visible on the front page, because your comment is unlikely to be seen by many people. Thus threads end prematurely.

    Comment by Daran — April 24, 2006 @ 3:03 am | Reply

  2. Yes. It’s a conversation killer.

    There must be more meta-information!

    Comment by Robert — April 24, 2006 @ 3:06 am | Reply

  3. Unfortunately, doesn’t allow us to choose our own recent-comments plug-in.

    I’ve sent them a request for a better recent-comments option, but until they change things at the root level, the lame “5 most recent comments” is our one and only option.

    I’ve just increased the number of posts on the front page from 20 to 30 (although of course if Adam disagrees with that he might change it back). Hopefully that will help a little.

    Comment by Ampersand — April 25, 2006 @ 4:59 am | Reply

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