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April 17, 2006

Link Farm and Open Thread #19

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This is an open thread. Feel free to post whatever you’d like here, including links to your own stuff or just to neat stuff. And in that spirit, here’s some of what I’ve been reading lately. (Apologies to the folks I found these links through; usually I try to give credit, but I managed to lose track of that info this time).

Why is this, my first link farm, labeled #19? Because this is just my first link farm on “Creative Destruction” – I’ve been doing this a while at my home blog. I thought of numbering this one #1 here and #19 at my blog, but that sounds like it will just confuse my poor little mind in the long run.

As you’ll see, this link farm edition has a special emphasis on fat acceptance, and on immigration. (No links combining the two topics, however.)


Jay Sennett Jaywalks: The Fifth Carnival of Bent Attractions

April 18: Blog to raise awareness about sexual violence!

April 22: Blog Against Heteronormativity!

Today is the last day to submit nominations for the 13th Carnival of Feminists.

FattiePatties: Top Ten Things I’m Tired of Discussing
I linked to this series when it was in progress, and now that it’s done I’m linking it again. FattiePatties is one of my favorite fat politics bloggers; she always makes me feel like I’m not nearly radical enough with my own fat politics, plus she’s such a damned great writer. I’m definitely gonna nominate this for a “best series” Koufax next year.

Fattiepatties: It’s Not About The Food

Feh-Muh-Nist: But, You’re Not Fat!

In the last few years, however, I’ve started saying it straight and plain, “I am fat.” People do not like to hear this. My unapologetic admission of fatness (as if they can’t tell!) sends others into a fat-denying frenzy.

Big Fat Blog: Brand Thin Gets Rebranded As Brand Health

Big Fat Deal: There’s Always Molly Weasley
Big Fat Deal welcomes J.K. Rowling’s recent fat-positive remarks, but rightly criticizes her awful writing of fat characters.

Alternet: One Big Fat Lie
“America is allegedly in the midst of an obesity epidemic, but our obsession with weight is the real disease.” Curtsy: Fat Chicks Rule.

Blac(k)ademic: Why HR 4437 Is A Queer Issue

i went to the trial with her as a witness where i had to disclose of our sexual activities to prove that she was indeed a lesbian. my testimony, along with her medical records documenting her abuse, her own legal research that she did, and her own testimony persueded the judge to grant her plea for asylum. the department of homeland security, which threated to file motion of appeal against her, eventually did not.

Political Animal: Illegal Immigration Has Very Small Impact On Economy

The Y Files: The Thin Line Between Legal and Illegal

I am a legal immigrant myself. […] And that is something I tremendously appreciate, but I am also aware of the fact that I got a special break due to Cold War politics, and that a lot of people around the world who had as good a claim to fleeing oppression or persecution did not get the same break. So my reaction is not “but I came here legally!” but more like, “There but for the grace of God…”

The Debate Link: Immigration Roulette

As Ambrose Bierce wrote exactly one century ago: “The right to property implies the right to exclusive use, and therefore the right to expel trespassers. Therefore, if A B and C own all the land, D E and F have no place to be born, or born as trespassers, to exist.” This may seem like a rather stretched analogy, until we remember those who want to expel the children of immigrants, born in the USA. Under this paradigm, these people would be “born as trespassers,” and that label seems immoral in a very visceral sense.

Maxspeak: Goods Over People?

I have been wondering of late why elite opinion has been vociferous about keeping US borders open for goods, but, has been recently queasy about keeping it open for poor people.

Knight Ridder: Cost and Benefits of Immigration a Net Wash

Washington Post: American Pioneers — or ‘Illegals’?

A number of the politicians calling for the criminalization of illegal immigrants may not be aware that they and a good many of their constituents could themselves be direct descendants of people who did some illegal migrating of their own many years ago. Much of the territory of the United States was settled by people — hundreds of thousands of them — who disregarded the law by squatting on public lands. [Curtsy: Debate Link]

Fareed Zakaria: To Become An American

Many Americans have become enamored of the European approach to immigration — perhaps without realizing it. Guest workers, penalties, sanctions and deportation are all a part of Europe’s mode of dealing with immigrants. The results of this approach have been on display recently in France, where rioting migrant youths again burned cars last week.

La Queen Sucia: Responses to an Anti-Illegal-Immigrant Correspondant

Brad Plumer: Letting Immigrants Vote

Unskilled immigration, he says, depresses the wages of low-skilled workers. Well, yes, but again, with properly-designed policies—living wages, full employment, labor laws that allow unions to flourish, earned-income tax credits, and the like—I think you can mitigate this, while preserving the very, very large benefits immigration brings for immigrants and the countries that send them.


Woman of Color Blog: Immigration, Blogothropology, and a Day of Protest
Interesting dialog between Brownfemipower and Poor Boy about race, immigration, and other matters. You can also read it here at Poor Boy’s blog, where the formatting is much better; but it looks like Poor Boy is about to take down his blog, so Brownfemipower’s link will last much longer. Be sure to also read Brownfemipower’s follow-up thoughts, and (while they last) Poor Boy’s (here, here , here, here, here and here).

Gray Does Matter: Corruption In the 2004 Ohio Election?

Woman of Color Blog: Abortion and Women of Color

For example, in the 70s, Native women became targets of the United States’ population control program. A declassified federal document, the National Security Study Memorandum 200, stated the following: “Too many people crowded too close together cause many of our social and economic problems. These in turn are aggravated by involuntary and irresponsible parenthood… The welfare mess, as it has been called, cries out for solutions, one of which is fertility control.” What “fertility control” meant for Native women was that when women went into the doctor for complaints as varied as back pain, chronic headaches, tonsillitis and pregnancy, they often left the doctor without a uterus.

Violence Against Women Blog: Kuwait Women Vote And Run For Office For First Time

Bark/Bite: Do You Tell A Football What Time The Game Starts?
Extremely smart, well-written post about homosociality (“the idea that men’s relationships with women are secondary to men’s relationships with other men, and that women are used as currency of exchange in male relationships…”).

Tennessee Guerilla Women: The Gender Gap Between The Parties Is Growing

Women’s Space/The Margins: “Goddesses on Parade”: Birth, Pornography, the Britney Spears Birthing Statue

Femivist: Catherine A. Mackinnon Is My Hero

Creek Running North: Tarantula
There are some political undercurrents here, as there are in all of Chris Clarke’s posts. But mainly, damn good storytelling about Tarantulas, who Chris positions as the friendly squishy pacifists of the scary-looking-creature world.

Feministe:Thoughts on Upcoming Surgery

She was sort of aghast. She couldn’t understand how I could actually change genders and/or sexes without having some essential working definition of each one. How did I even keep track? How did I know where I was? How did I explain all of this to myself?

Definition: Dear White Folks

When you talk about those “Hispanics” taking all the jobs, it’s pretty fucking obvious this isn’t about immigration — it’s about language and culture and surnames and that which allows you to identify them without knowing anything more, skin. It’s about skin. Because you assume that an entire continent and a half is all Mexico, all immigrants, all illegal. Even those of us who are born here, even those who have lived here for generations longer than your families.

How To Save The World: Living On The Edge
Most people’s diagrams of the world put themselves at center, but this guy thinks he’s at the edge. I don’t really agree with any of this – I think there’s a lot of essential issues that it’s easy for a white male and (I suspect) straight man to ignore when he says that the fights between lefties and righties are nothing more than a distraction from really important stuff – but I found this perversely entertaining reading nonetheless.

Twice the Rice: Letters To My Past
Witty, bitchy (in the good sense of the word) and touching letters from a woman who was born in Korea but adopted by white Americans in infancy. Also read this uber-ultra-sarcastic post about adopting kittens.

VeganKid: White Solidarity with Non-Whites, in Practice and Not
Interesting essay about a spur-of-the-moment attempt to get a group of white “allies” to join in solidarity with a most-Latin@ demonstration.

Bitch PhD: Pro Life Pharmacists Refuse to Dispense Vitamins and Antibiotics

Privilege Judo: What’s The Matter With White Folks?
Quoting Tim Wise, arguing with statistics that it’s not Kansas, it’s white people.

Creative Destruction: Feminist Professor Tears Down Student Pro-Life Display
I actually feel kind of sorry for the professor, but come on: What she did was not only tactically stupid, it was unethical.

Blood on My Teeth: He Said/She Said And Why I’m A Feminist

Political Animal: Mifepristone deaths: Under 1 in 100,000. Viagra Deaths: 5 in 100,000
Yet somehow, the pro-life congressmen who want to ban Mifepristone because it’s too dangerous to women, aren’t jumping to ban Viagra. Gee, what’s that about?

Pandagon: Boobage and the Governor’s Race In Alabama
So a couple of journalists named “Bob” are oddly obsessed with the boobs of the libertarian candidate for Governor. Amanda provides a bunch of links and good analysis, but what makes linking this story irresistible is the candidate’s funny and classy response.

Political Animal: Alphabetical Tyranny
It’s why I like the blog name “Alas.” But in retrospect, I should have gone with “Aardvark blog.”

This Comic Strip Rocks
National PastimeCurtsy: I Blame The Patriarchy

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