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April 2, 2006

Promotion, Expansion, and Trying to Take Over the World

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Some random thoughts on the blog and moving it forward.

I think the existing bloggers we have are great, and will attract and keep readers over time. However, to build up a truly thriving community, I suggest that we continue to expand our membership base to a reasonable degree. (Any thoughts on a good number for membership?)

One good natural resource for finding new bloggers is, of course, the commentsphere surrounding established blogs. Regular commenters are experienced in bloggy communication, and the sudden appearance of a hyperlink in their name is likely to draw readership.

I would be inclined to nominate a fellow named Tuomas, a Finn who seems to be a classical liberal with leftish tendencies but a fair allotment of common sense. Tuomas is a regular commenter at Feministe. He doesn’t have contact information, so we’d have to try and catch his attention with a comment asking him to check us out. I can’t post there anymore (thanks, ironically, to Feministe going into the hands of a new blogger who was recruited from the commentariat) so someone else would have to do that.

I would suggest that others also regularly pursue evangelization of membership; if we leave it to Adam, we’re just going to end up with a bunch of hot female polisci majors that he tries to impress in bars (“Yeah, baby, I blog. Why don’t you check out my action.”)

Wait a minute. Why would that be bad? Never mind.

On the subject of promotion: while I think spamming the blogosphere would be a Bad Idea, there are good ways of attracting steady streams of new readers. One key element: comment intelligently or at least interestingly on popular blogs, and have Creative Destruction listed as your hyperlink. I regularly have done this for my own tiny and pathetic blog, and it’s still tiny and pathetic! But it’s a lot less tiny and pathetic than it would be. I don’t mind redirecting that small flow of visitors to CD; particularly because a successful CD would bring more attention to my personal blog than any amount of comment whoring. Another easy promotional technique is to find popular bloggers who are writing about something we have written about, and drop a relevant link to our take on the subject. Bloggers hate to see irrelevant link dumps, but on-target links are usually very welcome.

These are just a couple of my thoughts, I am sure that the rest of you have more to suggest. (Well, except for Bazzer, who has yet to even deliver one freakin’ donut.)



  1. And to throw yet another idea into the mix: at the moment this is a boy’s club. That probably ought to change, naturally over time as we find unmale bloggers who we like enough to invite in.

    Comment by Robert — April 2, 2006 @ 8:22 am | Reply

  2. Augh, I know, I know! I have a few people who’ve expressed interest, but they haven’t written back with a WordPress account for me to add yet! *cry*

    But yeah; I actually submitted one of my posts here to a million carnivals, as well. I figure, whenever I have a cross-post that I like, I’ll always submit the entry on CD.

    and actually, I have a lady who goes by “Happy Feminist”, Jill of Feministe, and the “Virginia Pundette” all expressing interest in joining, just, again, they’re taking their time in getting an account. I have no intention of making this an all boy’s club, or even an all English-as-a-first-language club (I’d love to get some Arab or Iranian bloggers, though I doubt I could catch their interest). The more differences we have with one another (so long as we can do basic things like communicate) the better.

    I’ll work on those hot polisci majors, Bob ;D

    But yes, I’m actually interested in setting no limit at all to the number of members we get–the more, the better, so long as we maintain a standard of conduct of some sort.

    So if you people know and respect anyone, anyone at all, who you think’d be interested–just tell them that all they need is a WordPress account and my e-mail address to send it to, and I’ll trust your judgment.

    Comment by Adam Gurri — April 2, 2006 @ 10:04 pm | Reply

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