Creative Destruction

March 23, 2006

Big Brother is Moderating

Filed under: Navel Gazing — Adam Gurri @ 2:30 am

Who is this mysterious Adam Gurri that he keeps talking about?

Is a Gurri really a person, or just the name of a move in the belly dance?

It is all that and more.

I’m a self-consciously pretentious college brat, serving my time at George Mason University in the hopes of getting a bachelor’s in History in spring of 2007.   A recent hobby has blossomed into a professional interest, and so from undergrad I intend to pursue and Masters and then PhD in economics–but as with anything and everything I plan, it’s anyone’s best guess as to how much of it is hot air until the moment of truth arrives.

In debates, I like to keep three things in mind: no one cares what I think, there’s no reason for anyone to care what I think, and they could be right or we could both be wrong.

I do, however, think that it is possible to learn a lot through discussions, if you are willing to.  If you operate under the assumption that you will never persuade anyone ever, and that people have probably seen a lot of information you never have, then talking with them can often yield articles and studies and books and whatnot that you could learn a lot from.

I try not get attached to my beliefs, though I don’t want to be dishonest and say that I a blank slate.  I come at everything from a perspective–I take the information I’ve got, and present my analysis in the most persuasive articulation that I can muster.  Half because I believe in opening up one’s thinking process and resources in as accessible a way for other people as possible, and half because I know that if someone wants to argue against me, it’s great to go ahead and give them the things that I find persuasive as a starting point.  By explaining exactly what it is about the analysis I presented that they think doesn’t match the reality, I get a much clearer idea of what other perspectives exist out there and the kind of evidence that backs them up.

So I got into blogging.  With Creative Destruction, I’m attempting to up the ante a bit; I want to harvest intelligent people that I disagree with in one spot where I can keep an eye on them and poke occasionally.  I’m tired of group blogs that have a common ideological theme–how boring is that?  If you’re going to multiply, you might as well diversify.

That’s the bulk of my ideological baggage, really–a desire for healthy competition between different ideas in order to produce lots of thoughtful analysis and compiled information.

I also have a few hotbuttons.  Missionaries are one of these–people who want nothing more than to tell you how their beliefs are superior to yours, but refuse to offer any kind of evidence because they think you’re an idiot for not seeing how obviously right they are.  Really, just people who act superior in general.

On a less academic note, I went from playing no sports at all to playing Rugby last Fall, and continue to play it to this day.  Without skill, strength, or stamina, but with a great deal of enjoyment.

Oh, and all that stuff I said about discussion is a complete lie.  I just wanted a group blog for the power trip.  And don’t ever let me tell you otherwise.  Everything that I say is a lie.

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